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2006- Not so Long Ago

November 18, 2009 09:50 by rebecca

In 2006 Vicki convinced Tom to give her little brother a job, he looks back at his first year with fond memories... 

2006 is a year probably best remembered for some truly great Irish sporting achievements, well that and of course I started working here. I arrived on January 9th, a quiet shy lad hoping to fit into the world of I was lucky I had been pre-warned by Vicki, who to avoid, who the golden girl was and how important it was to keep on the right side of Sinead!! I was also told there was a very quiet fella called Diarmuid - luckily it turned out he wasn’t that quiet - he was just surrounded by females and had no interest in hair and makeup. Vicki had of course left to work in Dublin at that stage so the guys were spared of any O’Callaghan infighting for a couple of years anyway..

In 2006 our annual surveys revealed loved ones would prefer a little bit of TLC over champagne, chocolates and jewellery on Valentines, one in five workers were afraid to take all their holidays over fears it would ruin their career chances and perhaps most telling our Christmas survey revealed over 44% of employees were receiving Christmas bonuses and four in every five bosses were picking up the tab for fancy Christmas parties. Without having any 2010 surveys to hand I’d imagine it’s fair to predict fancy Christmas parties paid for by the boss will be few and fair between this year.

2006 saw the launch of two of our best remembered award winning advertising campaigns with Beep and Creak hitting the nations TV screens and line, paper and ink in the print media. Here's Beep to jog your memory:

As per usual we had numerous nights out and activities throughout 2006 with the highlight being the Christmas party in Man Fridays in Kinsale, luckily Brendan didn’t go missing on this night out and we finished off the night in ‘ the classic ‘ dancing at the disco as a fella once said!!

Also in that year;

• Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and The Da Vinci Code were the box office favourites
• Gnarls Barkley's single “Crazy” was the best selling single
• Steve Irwin died after a stringray pierced his heart during filming
• Charles Haughey died.
• The GAA, FAI and IRFU announced that a deal had been reached which would allow soccer and rugby to be played in Croke Park.
• Munster won the Heineken cup, beating Biarritz in the final held at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
• Europe won the 2006 Ryder Cup, held in Kildare Golf and Country Club
• Ireland's Derval O'Rourke wins the women's 60m hurdles at the 2006 IAAF World Indoor Championships
• Kilkenny won the All-Ireland Hurling Title
• Kerry won the All-Ireland Football Title
• Chelsea won the premier league

Hi Ho Hi Ho

January 5, 2009 11:53 by vicki

Well it`s back to work we go, some of us (ie. me) were lucky enough to be off until today, writing a Happy New Year blogpost was top of my list but unfortunately the day has run away from me and its almost afternoon already.

So Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas and we look forward to lots of interesting observations and comments from you this year.

As always any and all suggestions for the blog, the site or for blogposts you might find interesting are most welcome, feel free to comment below.


Christmas has hit

December 3, 2008 09:27 by vicki

Well everyone, Christmas has hit the office - it hit the website yesterday thanks to Rebecca and her snow machine attacking the home page and then the office was "tackorated" or decorated as we like to call it so now we have fake snow and Merry Christmas banners (very eighties), tinsel, fairy lights and even a tree... To top it all off its party week here so look out Kenmare we will be hitting you in all our finery on Friday night!!

I can hear you all thinking, "ehhhhhh recession RecruitIreland, recession!!" but what's the point in surrounding ourselves with more doom and gloom? And don't worry people it all came from the Pound Shop (or 2 Euro Store as its now known). 


Christmas Party Antics

November 14, 2008 13:48 by rebecca

'Tissss the seaaaason tooo be jollyyyy, tra la la la laaaaaaaaaa 

Yes folks, like it or loath it it's that time of year again, and every year around this time we run a survey to discover what you do for your Christmas party, what your New Year resolutions are and then we ask if you have done anything embarrassing at the Christmas party, not because its particularly newsworthy, mainly because we get a great laugh in the Recruit office. Mwa ha ha!

This year with all the doom and gloom we want to know what your company is planning on doing. Is you boss still splashing out on the party or is it cancelled? How do you feel about it if it is? What is the likelyhood of you getting a wage rise or a bonus in '09? Go on,  take the survey, let us know. Start the survey here.

PS If you have done anything embarrassing, tell us in the comment box- go on, share the mirth.