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Duvet or not Duvet

February 27, 2009 16:40 by rebecca

It seems that today Feb 27th is “sickie day of the year”. A study by Peninsula Ireland has found that 27% of workers will take today off. This study has followed workers trends for the last three years and has found Feb 27th to be the day most stricken by absence.

As it is mid-way between Christmas and Easter so you could understand why you might need a duvet day. I must admit I snoozed for a few minutes longer than usual this morning and when asked/kicked “are you going to work?” it did cross my mind that I'd be really happy if I just stayed put, but alas, up I got.

I do wonder though if the 27th Feb 2009 will be different to previous years. For one it’s Friday, always much easier to go to work on a Friday, and secondly I think people are beginning to realise it is not time to take the proverbial where their job is concerned…

This report made me think of the ISME claim few months ago that 83% of sick days were not entirely genuine. I’d like to see the results of both these surveys a year or even 6 months from now and compare. I think we’ll find that as staff members hang on to their jobs by their finger nails  sick days will become fewer an fewer.

Now obviously would never encourage unauthorised absence from work, but we can dream.  Think back to this morning, all cozy and warm, your bed was the most comfortable its ever been, so you decide I’m not getting out of this for a while. What would you be doing? Go on indulge me, stick a comment in the box below and we'll publish the clean ones ;-)


Do you fake it?

January 30, 2009 10:38 by vicki

I read this morning that ISME are claiming that 83% of us fake being sick - so when we ring in sick a whopping 83% of us are lying, we even go so far as to get a sick cert from the doctor but employers don't believe the doctor is being entirely honest either.

ISME have surveyed their companies and this is the "opinion" of 83% of their users, perhaps this would be more credible if they had backed it up with medical evidence. The article also outlines how much this costs employers and the economy etc. and is quite shocking.

Now I have to say I am a bit stunned by this figure, I really think it's very high and I wonder at the suspicion and cynicism of employers if this truly is what they believe. So my question to you is this, when you ring in sick, are you faking it or are you really sick?