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Blue Sky Thinking – five job-hunting ideas to inspire you

August 3, 2012 11:27 by Conor

You may well have seen the creative efforts of Jordan McDonnell this week. The UCD graduate has been making headlines this week with his innovative approach to CV writing, and he’s got us thinking.

Ditching the traditional Word-format page in favour of a neat 'anti-CV' – tagline ‘This is NOT my Resumé’ - uploaded via presentation-sharing website, the 26-year-old showcases his creative skills in an effort to make the jump from his current career in finance into a more creative industry.

Jordan’s efforts echo those made by other job-seekers in a phenomenon The Guardian has come to call ‘extreme job-hunting’ – employing a suite of online and offline tools to advertise yourself as being in the employment market.

In an age where employers apparently spend less than 10 seconds looking at CVs, making your talents stand out from the crowd seems to be a no-brainer.

Even if some of the examples seem a bit out there, chew on this - what are your competitors in the job hunt doing that you are not?

Here are five recent examples of job hunters thinking outside the box.

1.                 Jordan McDonnell – This is NOT my Resumé

 “My dream is to attain that elusive profound happiness we hear talked about so often” says 26-year-old Jordan McDonnell on hiswebsite, and happiness for Jordan is a career in social media marketing.

To draw the eye of potential employers Jordan uploaded a ‘condensed version of his life’s journey’ to, presenting an appealing visual statement of his family background, employment experience and ambitions – and an insight into his character, to boot.

With over 70,000 views on Slideshare and traction on other social media platforms as well, Jordan’s efforts can’t have escaped the attentions of potential employers and showcase exactly the kind of skillset required in the social space.

No word yet on whether Jordan’s got a job, but people are talking about him. Isn’t that the point of social?


2.                 Jobless Paddy

Remember him? ‘Jobless Paddy’ was in fact Féilim Mac An Iomaire, a marketing grad from Connemara who last May resorted to desperate measures after a fruitless nine months looking for a job.

Eager to stay at home instead of heading back to Australia, Féilim sunk his savings - €2,000 – into a billboard on Merrion Road in Dublin advertising his availability for work.

Helped by online buzz, widespread media  interest and a natty title – ‘Jobless Paddy’ does have a ring to it – Féilim soon secured a six-month placement with Paddy Power which eventually turned into a full-time job.

Now not everyone will have the funds – or the gumption – to advertise themselves via a twenty-foot billboard in the capital city, but ask yourself – what am I doing to get noticed?


3.                 A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Job hunters in certain creative industries – especially graphic and product design – have in recent years really begun to push the boat out when it comes to creating CVs that not only stand out from the in-tray, but also showcase their creative talents and abilities.

Jobless social media strategist (another one!) Hagan Blount turned heads in 2011 with his beautiful infographic CV.


Yes, that Mission Statement does read “I am a radiating center of universal love”. History does not tell us if Hagan was successful in picking up his dream job, but his website tells us that he has at least developed a sideline in infographic CVs for others.

We’ve highlighted Hagan’s as just one example of a CV that’s a visual feast, but there are many more out there and some of them boggle the mind.

“But I’m not a visual designer” we hear you cry. Don’t worry - neither are we.

However that doesn’t stop us being inspired by the creative efforts and talents of others, which might lead us to consider some useful tools that are available to help create a visual, online CV.

Remember to include links to any of the creative work you have done on your CV so that potential employers will see them when you apply to their jobs online.


4.                 The moustache in modern recruiting


And then there’s this guy.


Undaunted by the incredibly difficult process of getting hired at Google, moustachioed Matthew Epstein goes all-out to get noticed by the product management power brokers in Palo Alto.

That means not only a nifty CV, but also a dedicated website and comedy Youtube video, all with the sole purpose of attracting an interview in the Googleplex.

We like the disclaimer on the bottom of the site: “Neither Matthew Epstein nor are associated with Google, Inc. in any way. YET.”

Matthew has a thing or two to teach us about targeting your desired employer. Facial hair, not so much.


5.                 Targeted Ads

Finally, and still on the theme of targeting your potential employer, how about spending some money on Google or Facebook ads?

Ad copywriter Alex Brownstein did just that, appealing to vanity of some top Madison Avenue ad execs by buying Google Adwords linked to their names. Everybody Googles themselves, right? When these guys did, up popped an ad for Alex, asking for a job.

After spending $6, the man landed his job.

Something similar can be done with Facebook ads, which can be set up to target people in specific workplaces. Create an advert that links to your online CV and put your targeted company in the ‘employer’ box. Hey presto, only people who work for that company can see it. Hopefully one of them is the HR director….


What have we forgotten?

 Do you have any examples of 'extreme job-hunting' that have inspired you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Feeling inspired? For more tips on creating a CV with impact visit the Recruit Ireland careers centre or check out tutorial videos online from our contributing expert Paul Mullan.

Good News Friiidayyy

May 28, 2010 14:23 by vicki

This week's good news is much varied...

Rebecca has achieved nail success thanks to @beautie - here's a pic;



Good news for Galway - 200 new jobs if you're into games

50 Internet
security jobs in Dublin

We are off on a night out tonight which is fantastic news we feel - Cork city beware, chicken wings will be consumed at some stage so Soho beware...

@ccrossan is delighted she got to go to Chic last night and free entry always a winner

@sciencejobs are having a BBQ on their balcony for lunch today = good weather = good news

That's about it this week - if anyone else has good news they want to share comment below

We nearly forgot Good News Friday

May 14, 2010 15:52 by vicki

ooops almost forgot Good News Friday this week...

First off my good news is that I'm getting a new phone on Monday, after mucho trouble with my current one I cant wait and neither can everyone else here I reckon, no more ranting from me... well about phones anyways.

We had cake today for Tom's birthday - always good news in my mind - here's what's left

Good news on the job front for teachers

And more from Merck

and Bord Gais

Good news for us in here, we ran a survey with some candidates and 85% would recommend us to a friend. Oh and we hit 400 friends on Facebook - yippeeee

Good News Friday

May 7, 2010 14:38 by vicki

Good news Friday is here again -

For first time buyers some good news - now is a good time to climb onto the property ladder apparently

According to IBEC the economy has started to
grow again

We integrated the Facebook Like Button with our website so now its on all jobs - Thanks to Ronan for the idea (he made me give him credit)

Sinead's good news is she's off to a party tonight - mine is that it's Friday pretty much, it's been a long week.

Diarmuid's good news is thanks to Ronan today, Eddie Rocket's are apparently doing some great new deals.

Charlie and his black eye won a karate yoke last Sunday - great news for him aside from the black eye - he had some help with the winning bit too.

Liam's good news is that despite drinking 6 pints last night he is in tip top form today.

Damien's good news everyday is that he is from Cork, never fails to make him happy apparently (we know the feeling like)

Ronan's good news thanks to Diarmuid is that the East Village have a special offer running on their chicken wings at the moment - we are all big fans of their wings, those of you in Dublin will have a similar feeling for Elephant and Castle wings - yum.

Good news for Gaga fans as another date is announced

If you have any good news pop it in the comments below

The last Friday FUNday!

February 27, 2009 10:43 by vicki

All too soon it's the last week of Friday FUNday and the final victim is Marketing Manager Emma Henry who just returned from a baby holiday.

1. Full Name? Emma Martina Henry
2. Nickname? Various depending on which friend you speak to, Emily Jane, Emsie, Mammy Pig (recent addition!)
3. Birthplace? Cork
4. Eye colour? Greeny Blue
5. Hair colour? Brown with Blond Highlights
6. Marital status? In relationship
7. Children? One gorgeous son, Conor, almost 8 months old
8. What do you do in and how long have you been there? Marketing Manager, a year and a half
9. What would be your last meal if on death row? Roast Chicken, Stuffing, all the trimmings – getting hungry just thinking about it
10. What is your drink of choice? I choose many drinks.. but generally white wine
11. favourite sweets/chocolate/dessert? Munchies, any milk chocolate, Bread & Butter pudding
12. What food do you dislike? Chinese Food – stems from a bad case of food poisoning
13. favourite TV show? Desperate Housewives, Dragons Den
14. favourite Movie? Many, The Cider House Rules, As Good as it Gets, Something’s Gotta Give, Blood Diamond, Finding Nemo & Shrek
15. favourite CD at the moment? Nursery Rhyme favourites
16. favourite sport to watch? Athletics or Rugby
17. most overused phrase? How is he? – a recent phrase introduced since I’ve returned to work
18. favourite restaurant? Sean Na Mbads, Minane Bridge
19. favourite website(s)? obviously,,
20. What is your least favourite trait in others? Dishonesty and Brownnosing
21. What time do you get up for work? 6am if I’m lucky
22. Where do you want to retire to? Portugal
23. Who was the first person you spoke to today on the phone? Mum
24. best/favourite holiday? Disneyworld – Florida, a few!! years ago when I was a child
25. favourite toy as a child? A Tiny Tears, I got her from Santa and my brothers had broken her by Christmas afternoon, but I loved her for those few hours
26. What three luxury items would you want if on a desert island? Suncream, a digital book loaded with favourites, My family
27. your dream/fantasy job? Safari Park Manager
28. Something people don’t know about Ronan has a pink star shaped mirror on his desk…

Friday FUNday

January 30, 2009 14:36 by rebecca

This week, everyone's favourite Marketing Executive- Rebecca 

1. Full Name? Rebecca Clark 
2. Nickname? Becky, Becka, Rebec
3. Birthplace? Biggar, Scotland
4. Eye colour? Blue 
5. Hair colour? Brown with highlights
6. Marital status? Awaiting imminent engagement
7. Children? No, I’m too young
8. What do you do in and how long have you been there? Marketing Exec for almost 4 years
9. What would be your last meal if on death row? Seafood platter with Champagne
10. What is your drink of choice? Wine & Mojito’s, also love Mi Wadi
11. favourite sweets/chocolate/dessert? Turkish Delight and Vic’s bread and butter pud.
12. What food do you dislike? Lamb and Goats Cheese are evil not a great fan of fruit in savory dishes either.
13. Favourite TV show? Scrubs, Greys Anatomy, Prison Break, Friends and Lost
14. Favourite Movie? The Never Ending Story and the Back to the Future 1,2 and 3
15. Favourite CD at the moment? The new Killers one is great
16. Favourite sport to watch? Tennis 
17. Most overused phrase? Shart
18. Favourite restaurant? The Taj Mahal in Biggar is my fav but recently had a beautiful meal in Packies, Kenmare.
19. Favourite website(s)? Many social not-working sites and blogs
20. What is your least favourite trait in others? Smart arses, liars and people who are getting married and talk about it constantly
21. What time do you get up for work? 7.20am
22. Where do you want to retire to? France
23. Who was the first person you spoke to today on the phone? Emma, our Marketing Manager who is currently on a baby holiday.
24. Best/favourite holiday? Dubai was unreal. I also loved Fuerteventura last year.
25. Favourite toy as a child? I had a Sindy horse with three and a half legs and a Puffalump, still have her…
26. What three luxury items would you want if on a desert island? Lip balm, ipod and Puffalump
27. Your dream/fantasy job? I’d love to open a rescue farm for dogs and ponies.
28. Something people don’t know about I’m also going on xfactor next year as a solo act to wipe the floor with the recruit boy’s fake boyband, “el recruito”.

Friday FUNday - me (AHHH)

January 23, 2009 10:38 by vicki

Well I avoided it for long enough I guess so here are some completely useless snippets of info about me;


1. Full Name?  Victoria Anne O Callaghan (HATE IT)
2. Nickname?  Vic, Vicks, Bicki (kids), Victore, Victoria Beckham and The Voc (Thanks Lorraine and Laura)
3. Birthplace? Cork (eh would anyone wanna be born anywhere else??)
4. Eye colour? Blue usually (Red when hungover)
5. Hair colour? Blonde
6. Marital status? Single single single
7. Children? None yet, I have two godchildren though who are great!
8. What do you do in and how long have you been there? I am the Website Development Manager, sounds makey uppey I know and have been here since day one, 9 years!
9. What would be your last meal if on death row? This is a tough one, my Dad’s Spaghetti Milana (old family recipe), chicken wings from the Elephant and Castle and ohhhhhhh this is really difficult, a roast lamb with all the trimmings including garlic cheesy potato! Anything bad for me basically!
10. What is your drink of choice? Diet coke if a soft drink, Lukozade if hungover, vodka and cranberry/diet 7up if out, a good cosmo has to be the best cocktail or a jaegerbomb if it’s a shot (which it usually is!).
11. Favourite sweets/chocolate/dessert? Not a huge sweet lover but if I had to choose then a crème egg or a wispa. Love Lindt chocolate as well. Dessert, sticky toffee pudding or bread and butter pudding.
12. What food do you dislike? Pineapple, sweetcorn, celery, peas, beans, coconut or anything with sweet and sour mixed.
13. Favourite TV show? Drama - Greys Anatomy or any kind of American slush really. Reality - Love Dragons Den or any kindof cookery/food programme. Comedy - Gavin and Stacey is hilarious.
14. Favourite Movie? Too many to list here, I love old Audrey Hepburn movies in particular or The way we were is a fave.
15. Favourite CD at the moment? Viva La Vida - Coldplay
16. Favourite sport to watch? Tennis if I was pushed to pick…
17. Most overused phrase? Usually a form of expletive (for **** sake like) but when not its either “Ah I do need a new pair of (insert colour) shoes!” or “Am I not always right?”
18. Favourite restaurant? The Market Bar in Dublin, Man Fridays in Cork
19. Favourite website(s)? Far too many to list but I have to log on to these every day,, (via twirl)
20. What is your least favourite trait in others? People who lie or over-exaggerate and people who are late for everything (except work Tom)!
21. What time do you get up for work? 7.24 ish – after snoozing about 6 times
22. Where do you want to retire to? Anywhere that’s sunny and has friends/family nearby (ahhhhhhhhhh)
23. Who was the first person you spoke to today on the phone? Sinead (who sits at the other end of the office)
24. Best/favourite holiday? New York for city/shopping holiday, Iceland for madness and surrealism or Zakynthos for sun and relaxation last year, despite being abandoned by
25. Favourite toy as a child? I had a doll who used to exercise, she had a pink and white stripy leotard and leg warmers or I had a petite 990 I loved.
26. What three luxury items would you want if on a desert island? Laptop (with internet access), sunscreen and a griddle pan
27. Your dream/fantasy job? To own my own internet business – a new idea every day!
28. Something people don’t know about 2 things, I get to work with my baby brother every day (lucky me eh) and they call me the RecruitIreland twit (nice that isn’t it?) because I am

Friday FUNday

January 16, 2009 11:01 by vicki

This week`s volunteer is Ronan, so here`s everything you wanted to know about him;

1. Full Name? Ronan Michael  O’ Callaghan
2. Nickname? Probably ‘Smartarse’ 
3. Birthplace? Cork Boy !
4. Eye colour? Blue with a tinge of red most mornings
5. Hair colour? Blonde
6. Marital status? I’m still trying to find a way to trick her into it !!!!
7. Children? Nope  
8. What do you do in and how long have you been there? Sales and 3 years
9. What would be your last meal if on death row? Smoked Salmon for starter , Fillet steak (Rare) with Stuffed Mushrooms, Chips and Gratin Potatoes followed by 12 Pints of Carlsberg for dessert. ( seeing as I’ll be dying in the morning anyway )
10. What is your drink of choice? Carlsberg
11. favourite sweets/chocolate/dessert? Marabou chocolate sweets
12. What food do you dislike? Onions and dislike is not correct I hate them.
13. favourite TV show? Miami Ink
14. favourite Movie?  Gladiator – the boxing one from the early 90’s
15. favourite CD at the moment? John Spillane – Irish songs we learned in school (thanks Gill)
16. favourite sport to watch? Soccer but I will actually watch anything sports related
17. most overused phrase? I’ll tell ya now right
18. favourite restaurant? Jim Edwards – Kinsale
19. favourite website(s)? Football 365 , Sky Sports,
20. What is your least favourite trait in others? People who are late for everything
21. What time do you get up for work? 7.15
22. Where do you want to retire to? I never want to retire cos I’m a workaholic...but if I have to I’ll strike off to Necker Island.
23. Who was the first person you spoke to today on the phone? One of Charlie’s clients
24. best/favourite holiday? Orlando
25. favourite toy as a child? A football or a rabbit called Bugsy
26. What three luxury items would you want if on a desert island? A Hunting knife, Some Flint and a wilson volleyball to keep me company.
27. your dream/fantasy job? Left mid for Man Utd,
28. Something people don’t know about
' We have one employee from biggar , one employee called Bigger and a couple of employees who seem to have gotten bigger over Christmas’ (eh thanks Ronan - there`s motivation if ever we needed it!!)

Friday FUNday!

January 9, 2009 15:39 by vicki

Apologies for the delay - this week`s and the first victim of the New Year is Elaine O Brien so here`s all the wacky and wonderful info you always wanted to know...

Full Name? Elaine Mary Theresa O’Brien
Nickname? " golden girl" by Ronan O’Callaghan ONLY! ( employee)
Birthplace? Cork
Eye colour? Green
Hair colour? Blonde
Marital status? Married
Children? 1
What do you do in and how long have you been there? Business Development and I’m proud to be here since the very start November 1999.
What would be your last meal if on death row? It would have to be my mothers Sunday roast…. with the works, veg, mash and potato gratin! And mum’s baked Alaska for desert! Yum yum yum!
What is your drink of choice? Big Coffee fan!! Like to kick start the day with a very strong one. Alcohol, I enjoy a few glasses of red wine…. and on a wild night! A few tia maria’s ha!!
favourite sweets/chocolate/dessert? Not a big chocolate fan, give me a ‘pic & mix’ any day.
What food do you dislike? Im not a fussy eater at all but had the misfortune years ago of tasting ‘tripe and drisheen’ never ever again!!
favourite TV show? At the moment " Bear in the Big Blue house" " Barney" " winnie the pooh" " tractor tom"
favourite Movie? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. ( the original)
favourite CD at the moment? Rhianna
favourite sport to watch? None!!!
most overused phrase? "How is he?"
favourite restaurant? Augustine’s Restaurant, Washington St. Cork! Fantastic food and great setting.
favourite website(s)? Sky showbiz and Dailymail for all the gossip and BBC Good Food for all cooking tips.
What is your least favourite trait in others? Negativity!!
What time do you get up for work? On a good morning 6.45…
Where do you want to retire to? Swiss Alps and live like Heidi!..
Who was the first person you spoke to today on the phone? My hubby!
best/favourite holiday? Honeymoon 2005, in New York and Mexico!!!
favourite toy as a child? Tiny Tears!!
What three luxury items would you want if on a desert island? Mobile Phone, Pilot & Helicopter..
your dream/fantasy job? Fashon designer.
Something people don’t know about Charlie bought a new scarf for only €2 today!......