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Christmas has hit

December 3, 2008 09:27 by vicki

Well everyone, Christmas has hit the office - it hit the website yesterday thanks to Rebecca and her snow machine attacking the home page and then the office was "tackorated" or decorated as we like to call it so now we have fake snow and Merry Christmas banners (very eighties), tinsel, fairy lights and even a tree... To top it all off its party week here so look out Kenmare we will be hitting you in all our finery on Friday night!!

I can hear you all thinking, "ehhhhhh recession RecruitIreland, recession!!" but what's the point in surrounding ourselves with more doom and gloom? And don't worry people it all came from the Pound Shop (or 2 Euro Store as its now known). 


Friday FUNday!!!

November 28, 2008 12:30 by vicki

We decided last week it would be fun to have a Friday Fun blogpost every week and we decided to begin with a bit of getting to know youuuu, getting to know all abouttt you - well us really but you get the gist!

Soooo every week one of us will be telling you a little bit about themselves - this week Gill volunteered to go first - we formulated a selection of questions that everyone will answer (including you Tom - no-one escapes) and here goes;



1. Full Name? Gillian Josephine Lucia Punch.
2. Nickname? Gypsy Pirate – much appreciated Ronan (DON’T ask)
3. Birthplace? Cork
4. Eye colour? Green on a good day
5. Hair colour? Dark Brown
6. Marital status? 4 years down the line…who knows what little parcel might be under the tree….Seamus……wink wink nudge nudge….(not a hope people)
7. Children? I want a gazillion of them.
8. What do you do in and how long have you been there? Been here in Sales since day 1…although if you were to add up the “sorry I’m late Sinead” texts, I’m probably here 6 months less than that.
9. What would be your last meal if on death row? All those who know me will have been asked this question by me at least 45 times…I’m slightly obsessed by all things food related…and more so by all things that come in Marks and Spencers packaging! Today, my last meal would be;
• Starter – Oooooh the prawns from Lal Quila Indian in Cork – serious yum!
• Main – Good old Burger with everything that was possible to fit on top of it, homemade chips (would have to be my own, I wonder would they allow me?) with Onion Rings and Garlic bread and Salad and some Roast potatoes on the side with some fillet steak.
• Dessert – Coconut Tart with double cream and a little bit of melt in the middle chocolate pud from M&S and a deep fried Mars Bar – memories of many good times in Glasgow. It’s my last meal – I’m not gonna worry about the weight or the arteries.
• Beverages – copious amounts of any alcohol at hand to dull the pain of what was ahead of me.
10. What is your drink of choice? When out Miller, when in Wine, when behaving Diet Coke (slight addiction here)
11. Favourite sweets/chocolate/dessert? Turkish Delight…from the freezer.
12. What food do you dislike? This is a toughie…coz id kinda eat anything, oh! I don’t like raisins or sultanas or currants – so anything with them in is a non runner. I'd just about manage a raisin and biscuit Yorkie but would have to eat around them.
13. Favourite TV show? Greys Anatomy.
14. Favourite Movie? Terms of Endearment – an oldie but a goodie. Cry before it even starts!
15. Favourite CD at the moment? I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac constantly at the mo – BUT – I received my “Girls Aloud” CD in post last night – just in time to practice for my Christmas party..yes Rebecca, Vicki and Elaine – we are “Girls R Loud” on Dec 5th.
16. Favourite sport to watch? Oh God…none, Rugby at a push.
17. Most overused phrase? I’m starving.
18. Favourite restaurant? Lal Quila Indian in Douglas – fantastic!
19. Favourite website(s)? Sky News, BBC Food & Ulster Bank on pay day.
20. What is your least favourite trait in others? When they are bitter.
21. What time do you get up for work? Ahem….6.30am…IT’S THE TRAFFIC!
22. Where do you want to retire to? New Zealand…in the morning please.
23. Who was the first person you spoke to today on the phone? Seamus,even though he dropped me to work – men!
24. Best/favourite holiday? 2 weeks driving around France – getting merry in the Champagne region 3 years ago.
25. Favourite toy as a child? Jigsaws – still do them!
26. What three luxury items would you want if on a desert island? A gigantic book with like 15 books in it from all my fave authors, lipgloss & A salt&pepper mill.
27. Your dream/fantasy job? To own and run my own little bakery with a café element where people bring a book and loose a couple hours of their day.
28.   Something people don’t know about Ill give ye 2 things!We have an employee who does a mean Van Morrison tribute...........................continuously after drink…annnnd we have an employee who was once a queen…

So that's Gill guys, is she what you expected? Next week some other victim will be featuring here!!

Christmas Party Antics

November 14, 2008 13:48 by rebecca

'Tissss the seaaaason tooo be jollyyyy, tra la la la laaaaaaaaaa 

Yes folks, like it or loath it it's that time of year again, and every year around this time we run a survey to discover what you do for your Christmas party, what your New Year resolutions are and then we ask if you have done anything embarrassing at the Christmas party, not because its particularly newsworthy, mainly because we get a great laugh in the Recruit office. Mwa ha ha!

This year with all the doom and gloom we want to know what your company is planning on doing. Is you boss still splashing out on the party or is it cancelled? How do you feel about it if it is? What is the likelyhood of you getting a wage rise or a bonus in '09? Go on,  take the survey, let us know. Start the survey here.

PS If you have done anything embarrassing, tell us in the comment box- go on, share the mirth.

Happy Birthday to Me

November 10, 2008 20:57 by rebecca

Hi folks,

Well today was my 9th Birthday- RecruitIreland that is. 9 short years ago I was just a glimmer in the eye of Tom Crosbie. Tom faithfully got a load of people together, gave them jobs and voila, a recruitment website was born.

I've seen the good times and I've seen some very bad times. I emerged though, tattered, bruised but fighting. Onwards and upwards I fought growing ever stronger and now they talk of a crunch, but I'm not worried, takes more than that to beat me! Don't get me wrong, I don't feel old, maybe just "mature".

I've got some good friends, some of them have been here for the whole 9 years with me.  Today my good friends decided to buy me a cake! But the b*stards ate the whole lot themselves.....

Twitter - 100 followers!!

October 22, 2008 10:46 by vicki

Today we hit a milestone on Twitter, we hit our 100th follower...  

For those of you who don't user Twitter - it's a microblog - you can post up to 140 characters about what you are doing at a given time and users follow you to keep track of what you are up to or you can follow them to see what they are doing! It's a good way to run research or get feedback - we used it when we launched the blog to get some info about user preferences and it's great just to keep track of what's happening in general with lots of different things and now most of the News Stations and Newspapers have a Twitter account - BreakingNews for example is an excellent way to keep up to date with day to day news!

Our most famous followers in the last few weeks are Stephen Fry (yes the real Stephen Fry) and Santa Claus (yes the real Santa Claus).

The award for most entertaining (aka ranting) poster goes to Damien Mulley and Rick O Shea is without doubt the most discussion provoking!

So if you use Twitter be sure and follow us if you aren't already and if you don't use it why not give it a try?

2009 Budget: The Workers

October 15, 2008 11:22 by rebecca

I’m the first to admit that I suffer from economic dyslexia, or eclexia if you will. But when faced with the fear of more hits on my tiny pocket I decided to pay attention to this year’s budget and find out how the 2009 budget is going to hit us – The Workers.

First things first – how much more or less money will we have in our pay packets?

The standard rate tax band has increased by 1,000 for singles and 2,000 for marrieds. Put simply as a single person you can now earn €35,400 at 20% tax before they slap on 41%. Unfortunately 1% of your salary up to €100,000 has to go back to the Government and 2% for people like myself who earn more than that (!)


It’s no surprise that the gas guzzlers got whacked again, 4% increase in road tax for cars lower than 2.5 litre and 5% for those over, yikes. That combined with an 8 cent rise in petrol is going to be a tough one to swallow. Why didn’t I buy a diesel car…..

Similarly company car spaces will be taxed 200 quid per car in major urban areas. No, I don’t know the definition of a major urban area either. I wonder will we get clobbered in the multi-storey?


Holidays are scuppered again, a tenner tax to leave Ireland. Would someone tell them there would be no need to leave if it was sunny …

Smokers got away lightly, 50 cents increase on a packet of fags- they could have gotten away with a much bigger increase than that I’m sure. Nobody is going to be put off smoking by 50cent – increase them by a fiver and you’ll soon see the Nicorette sales go up. But why stop there? Why not add a tax on chips in a similar vein to make the country healthy? Or stop putting Wispa’s beside the cash register in EVERY shop?

Tax on wine has gone up, but I’d love to do a pop quiz on the nation to see who actually knows how much drink costs? I couldn’t tell you for one second how much a pint costs. Anyone else similarly affected?

Pensions have increased by €7 a week- big wow, just goes to show how important it is to have a private pension. Especially when most of us now won’t get a medical card when we reach 70…..

For a more in depth analysis check out or and let us know how you feel about this years budget in the comments box below.


A quick piece of advice for Advertisers!

October 14, 2008 17:03 by vicki

This is the first post dedicated to advertiser advice and its something I constantly advise my clients on an ongoing basis (drive them mad basically!!)

We introduced a new section to the site about 6 months ago now where candidates can let us know why they didnt choose to apply for a job, now to be honest a lot of candidates think its another way to apply and a lot click on it but leave it blank.

By far though of the candidates who do complete it the reason they choose not to apply for the role is because there is no salary listed - I'm talking of maybe 100 comments everyday about 80% of the reasons relate to salary.

Now I know sometimes you can't include the salary for whatever reason but to be fair its not really such a big thing to include one when you can now is it? And the difference in the quality of response you will get from the site really will make it worth it. Feel free to disagree below!

My Top Five Interview Tips!!

October 2, 2008 16:21 by vicki

A friend of a friend rang me last night for some advice, she had applied for a job and been called for interview today but decided last night the job just wasn't for her and was wondering what she should do about the interview today. From past experience as the HR person receiving this news it’s always always always better to phone and let them know first thing the morning of the interviews. I have been at the receiving end of texts from candidates, emails and “missed” calls and to be honest those were a bonus because if I scheduled 5 interviews for a day, chances are 2 wouldn’t show on the day and would never be heard of again.  

This led me to thinking about some interview tips I generally give when I get calls from friends or family looking for some help. I should point out that these calls are generally under the misguided belief that I work for a recruitment agency which as Rebecca has ranted about in the past is a common mistake people make. 


1. Research – I know everyone says this and you might laugh it off and say “ya ya, I always come across better to people when I wing it” – DON’T WING IT!!! Before the interview - at least 24 hours before as opposed to 10 minutes before - do some research. Look up the company’s website, learn three things about them, how many employees they have, what they specialize in, something about their product base or client base. Be able to explain in your own words what they do. It doesn’t matter how basic the explanation or how simple the information you have learned – the fact that you went to the effort to find out some information really does go a long way in an interview. 

2. Know your dates – the day before run through your CV, know your dates especially – there is nothing worse than someone sitting in front of you reeling off different dates to what is on their CV. Don’t lie, it will come back to haunt you – several times while recruiting we have received a CV from a candidate who has forgotten they already applied 4 years ago so we have them on file and their CV is completely different now, different dates and places of employment but the same person. It might work once or twice but you will get caught out eventually. (Paul Mullan has some interesting thoughts about Effective Hunting and recording logs)

3. Know the job spec – Speaks for itself really, know what the employer wants, put their requirements and skills into your own words and be able to explain them back to the employer so that it shows you understand their needs.

4. Have examples ready – Be able to give examples in your current job or a past role or even college where you have demonstrated the skills and requirements they are looking for in the role. The interviewer again sees you are prepared, sees you are interested and sees you are qualified to do the role (and it fits with their
Competancy Based Interview).

5. Don’t fidget – When you arrive at the offices of the employer, even though you are nervous don’t fidget. Don’t sit on your hands to stop yourself from fidgeting either. Don’t cross your arms because its bad body language – sit with your hands loosely on your lap or on the table in front of you. Don’t lounge in the seat – I know you are probably sitting there saying, who in their right mind would go into an interview and lounge – believe me I have seen it, they do! It’s a misguided belief that it shows you are so confident and relaxed but it just makes you look cocky! If you want water, ask for it, if you need a minute to gather yourself ask for it – don’t be afraid of the interviewer, remember they are just people like you or me at the end of the day!

No doubt you all have many more tips to share so feel free to pop them into the comment box below.

Half of you are Satisfied!

September 30, 2008 10:15 by rebecca

Thanks to all of you who answered our Job Satisfaction Survey.  We had a massive response to this years survey and it turns out that at least half of you are satisfied in your job but that 50% also plan on changing jobs in the next 12 months..... 

Here is the full release:

Job Satisfaction Remains High Despite Economic Climate 

·         One in two employees say they are satisfied in their jobs

·         Workers uncertainty in economy shows with 53% admitting to feeling less secure in their jobs

·         Two in every three workers think it would be difficult to find a new job

·         90% of workers will start looking for a new job online 

29:09:08; Although half of Irish workers are satisfied in their jobs, recent research shows employees feel uncertain about the state of the current economic environment. An employee job satisfaction survey carried out by shows that 53% of workers feel less secure in their jobs resulting from recent economic turbulence. However, 50% still say they think they will change jobs in the next 12 months. When workers were asked to describe the current job market 47% said they felt there were not enough jobs in their field while 26% said there are jobs but they feel more secure staying where they are in the present economic climate. Overall 70% workers thought if they had to start looking tomorrow they would find it difficult to find a new job.  

Money remains a main issue for satisfaction in the workplace with 42% of workers claiming more money would make them happier. It is no wonder when 48% of workers say they spend 30% or more of their take home salary on mortgage or rent and another 10% to 20% going on childcare for those who have children. 1 in two employees are also paying in to a pension but interestingly this has not increased since 2006 when 50% then also claimed to be paying in to a pension. Although money would satisfy more people in their current roles career progression was cited as the main reason why people move,75% of workers claimed this to be the most important consideration when looking for a job.

Location was also a key factor in job satisfaction with 20% of workers saying a change of location would give them greater job satisfaction. The majority of workers still use their car to get to work, 19% are using public transport with only 1% saying they cycle to work.  

Rebecca Clark of commenting on the results said “We appreciate that recent economic activity has caused a degree of uncertainty for employees. In the survey, nearly 30% of workers admitted they would like to change role but they don’t feel there are suitable alternatives.  However there are over 30,000 jobs advertised across all industries on so we would encourage workers to check out the job market for themselves. Workers now have the option to upload their CV on to the site and let the employers come to them. Often for workers it can simply be a matter of getting noticed and getting your CV to right people at the right time.” 

And finally the one question that tests workers true dedication to their job, If you won the lotto would you…… and a resounding 47% said they would stay on in work safe in the knowledge they were financially secure while 1 in 5 workers admitted they would be running towards the nearest exit and leaving work immediately. 

So what is all this web 2.0 stuff?

September 16, 2008 15:00 by vicki

I was having a chat with a friend last night about work amongst other things and was filling her in on all the exciting exposure we have been getting for the web 2.0 stuff we started doing a while back. Damien Mulley was great to write a blogpost about us and Krishna De interviewed me last week for PodcampIreland's Blogradio show which again was really interesting.

Chatting about all of this and I realised my friend had glazed over and was merely nodding and looking vacantly at me while trying not to yawn. When I asked what she had understood from our (albeit one sided) discussion her response was "Flipping nothing" so I realised just because I find this intriguing and understand the ins and outs of it (eventually) not everyone actually does soooo below is my "Web 2.0 for dummies" - not that any of you are dummies I hasten to add ;-)

Web 2.0 - is basically where websites try to interact more with their users, my understanding is that it's all about creating a community feel and allowing users to interact with one another and share information and for us its been about making the site more "human" and giving it a personality while adding things like this blog to let users interact with us, generate content and make suggestions.

Twitter - is a really simple tool to use to relay to your friends or anyone really what you are doing, be it everyday things like eating or working. It can be used to poll people so for example when this blog went live I asked people to look at it and give me feedback. Its essentially a quick and easy way to maintain contact and get opinions or advice.

A blog - is just the nonsensical raving of people like me - on a serious note its a way to give users relevant and informative content that hopefully they will recommend to other people and come back to check regularly

Social Networking - is websites like Facebook, Myspace or Bebo, you register and interact with friends and for me its great to post photos and keep in touch with people I don't see every other week!

RSS - this one is tricky and to be fair took me months to get the hang of - you will be seeing the little orange logo all over the place online - its so easy believe me - you download whats called a reader, I use because it was recommended to me but there are lots. Then you can add a feed to it so that you don't have to log directly onto a site every day to check it.

If you are anything like me you will love surfing various websites and checking them regularly - my life has not been the same since I discovered RSS, now I just add feeds to my reader and its automatically updated when something new goes onto the website - you can use it for anything from blogs to newspaper websites to our site to collect new jobs for you and just open your feedreader in the morning and flick down through them - it makes the whole process so much easier and faster.

Linked In - This is more of a professional website, similar enough to the whole social networking thing but people use it to network professionally. If you check out someone's LinkedIn profile it reads almost like a CV, you can be recommended by colleagues or clients and it's becoming more and more popular as a way to source jobs or put yourself on the market so to speak! Check out our profile here.

So all in all this web 2.0 stuff just makes your life easier, makes doing everything faster and gives you lots of new ways to keep in contact with people be they work colleagues or friends....

No doubt I have forgotten some vital parts to 2.0 so feel free to comment away below!!