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'Their eyes met across the photocopier'… Irish people finding love at work

Four out of 10 Irish employees have had a relationship with a work colleague at some point, according to a new survey.

Key Findings:

  • Four in 10 Irish workers have had an office romance
  • Almost 10% admitted having sex in their place of work
  • 15% have flirted with work colleagues on social media
  • Majority don’t want material gifts for Valentine’s Day

85% of respondents to’s annual Valentine’s Day Survey insisted that the relationship did not affect their work, however.

Perhaps most shockingly, almost 10% admitted to having sex in their workplace.

More than three-quarters (76%) of workers said they would not feel obliged to tell their boss if they embarked on an office romance.

The survey of 500 people, which was carried out over the past number of weeks, showed that 15% have flirted with work colleagues on social media, with Facebook named as the most popular outlet.

When it comes to the big day itself, Irish workers are less than impressed, with almost 42% of respondents regarding Valentine’s Day as “a money spinner”.

Fortunately for them, the majority (51%) said that some good old-fashioned TLC is the best gift on Valentine’s Day, with flowers coming second at 16%.

Past results from the survey highlighted material gifts including jewellery, chocolate or champagne.

Speaking about the survey results, Sinead Johnson of said: “These results make for interesting reading and with more of us working longer hours than before and socialising with colleagues afterwards, there’s even more chance of an office romance blooming.”

“On a more serious note, companies should have a policy on office relationships, a love clause if you will. It’s a touchy subject but it’s best for all concerned to know where they stand.”





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