Job writing tips

Job Specification explained. (OVERVIEW)

This is an outline of the key requirements needed for the right person. It should also have an attractive description of the job so as to entice the candidate to read on.

  • NB - Remember, your description should cover all potential keywords that candidates might use in the search mechanism. Research has shown that the keyword search is the most popular search mechanism used by candidates.

  • NB The first two lines are initially what the candidate sees when they select summary view on the search results page SO ensure the first 2 lines of your job ad are interesting so the candidate will continue to read on.

To make the most of your ad, all you need do is follow these simple guidelines. Stick to them and you should definitely increase the effectiveness of your ad

1. Ensure the job title is easily understood and targeted to attract your ideal candidate

2. Keep the list of experience and skills required to the absolute essential - ideally no more than four points per advert. By having more than this you begin to limit who will apply.

3. Keep your wording concise and specific to the position.

4. Highlight the benefits of working for your company and outline why you feel your organisations is a great place to work. Such things could include social club activities, parking, and location of your office and future career prospects.

5. Make the role sound as attractive as possible by focusing on the key responsibilities of the position.


Adding your Job Spec job on


  Job Title   Specify the Job title you are recruiting for.

Active Shows that your job will be or is active on the site

Filled Shows that your job is NOT live on the site.


List the relevant category for your Job – This is limited to one main category – Be sure and list the actual category of the job and not your company. For example if you have an admin role in an I.T company the category is Office/Admin/Secretarial NOT I.T

  Location   List the County your job is in.
  Location 2   Specify what area in that county if you wish.
  Description   Enter your detailed Job Description – Remember to follow the guidelines above.
  Salary   List remuneration, if you decide not to you can list Negotiable, Depending on Experience etc.
  Type   Specify if your job is permanent, Contract, Temporary etc. This is a searchable field for candidates so make should you specify the correct category.
  Benefits   List ALL the benefits that your company or the role offers.
  Filter Questions   Filter Questions are an optional facility that you can add to your job. When a candidate applies for your position, they will also be asked to answer the questions you have specified. These will then be sent to you in addition to the candidates CV.
  Ref.   This is for your reference, Enter a reference that you will recognize the job by. This will be displayed when a candidate applies.
  Make this a hot job   Hot Jobs are jobs that you want to get extra prominence on the site. They are positioned at the top of every search that meets the candidates' search criteria. In addition Hot Jobs have a dedicated link from the home page of the site so that candidates can easily find the most urgent vacancies. Hot Jobs are updated on a weekly basis (Wednesday - Tuesday) and cost €80 per week.

All applications will be forwarded to the email address specified by you for that job so please ensure you have the right email address registered to your account.