About Boston Scientific - Galway

Boston Scientific’s first International manufacturing facility was established in Ireland in 1994 and has expanded significantly since then. Located on the outskirts of Galway city overlooking the famous Ballybrit Racecourse, it now comprises of a modern purpose built 400,000 square foot facility housing both manufacturing and research and development.

The Galway facility is unique within the Boston Scientific Corporation structure in so far as it is the only facility that produces products for three of the organisations main product ranges. Galway has a full array of supporting technologies on site which renders it virtually self sufficient in the supply of it’s own sub assemblies. Our products which are used to access, diagnose and treat anatomic sites, span 60 categories and include more than 14,500 product variants.

Our employees who continuously demonstrate their enthusiasm, drive and commitment in their work have been key to the unique success of Boston Scientific.
The vibrant city of Galway is a major Irish and European cultural and artistic centre. Situated on the West Coast adjacent to both Connemara and County Clare, with its famous Burren Region and the Cliffs of Moher, Galway acts as the gateway to the West of Ireland.

Boston Scientific are a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices whose products are used in a broad range of interventional medical specialties.

The Significance of Our Symbol
A pioneer in Less Invasive Therapies, Dr. Charles Dotter, used the concept of a ship in a bottle to represent the problems faced by the physician working through tiny openings to access remote organs and various other areas of the body.
With over 15,000 employees working worldwide, many are employed in World - Class Manufacturing and Technology Centres throughout the globe. These centres of excellence focus on the development and manufacture of core technologies and products which can be leveraged across multiple divisions.

Manufacturing Technologies
Boston Scientific’s manufacturing philosophy is built around the core tenets of World Class Manufacturing, namely, Empowerment, Quality-at-source, Continuous Improvement, Kanban, Responsiveness, Customer Service and Teamwork. As a Medical Device manufacturer, meeting the needs of various Regulatory Bodies and our Customers, our work standards and methods are maintained at the highest levels. The technology base includes Injection and Insert Moulding, Extrusion, Balloon-forming, Chemical Coating, Wire-knitting, EDM, Electro-plating, Electro-polishing, Grinding, Surface treatment, Laser welding, and many other special assembly techniques and product testing laboratories.


Boston Scientific Galway
Ballybritt Industrial Estate,

Tel: 091 756300
Fax: 091 701283

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