• Company Restructure? Be proactive not reactive.

  • Interviews ? Little details that can let you down.

    Interviews – Little details that can let you down.A comment on some less obvious issues relating to jobs and career change activity.A good salesperson will begin their presentations by selling themselves before they start selling their services. So how do they sell themselves to the client?

  • Bad mouthed, self-opinionated and dislikeable.

    Bad mouthed, self-opinionated and dislikeable.A comment on some less obvious issues relating to jobs and career change activity.Simple Crossword. 1 Across: 6-7.Bad mouthed, self-opinionated, dislikeable, two faced with a flawed, weak character.

  • How to Assess a Company's Culture

    As an old saying goes you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole so before you take that job offer, ask yourself- ‘Is this company somewhere I can truly picture myself?’


    In today’s digital world, most people are frequent users of social media and it’s become easier than ever for a potential employer to find out about interviewees in advance.

  • The Curse Of The Irish Mammy: When It Comes To Finding Your First Job

    Today’s market is just far too competitive and there are far too many graduates out there who truly want and deserve a job.

  • 5 Ways to Excel in Your Accounting Career

    The accounting and finance fields have plenty of opportunities for continued education. This education can lead to prestigious certifications that will allow you to access better employment opportunities and higher paying positions.

  • Work can be a stressful place, top 5 reasons to consider meditation

    Work can be a stressful place, and with companies trying to keep an eye on the bottom line while simultaneously improving productivity, many workers may find themselves with more responsibilities than ever before.

  • What small businesses want to see in your application

    There is no way around it: job hunters searching for opportunities in this labor market should be considering jobs with small businesses.

  • How to choose your career

    Identify what you're naturally good at and apply yourself in this direction.

  • 5 Top Tips for Starting a New Job

    Starting a new job is always intimidating regardless of experience. First days can prove a mixture of anticipation, engagement, and disorientation.

  • 6 tactics for passing a promotion interview

    If you follow these tactics you will feel much more confident and in control:

  • 5 ways to control your inbox

    Rather than moaning about the number of emails you have, why not re-evaluate your email habits and see what changes you can make. Here are some tips we’ve put together to give you a helping hand.

  • Top 10 tips to improve your time and personal management skills

    Time management is not a standalone skill. You can only manage how you use your time and how you use your time should be driven by effective goal-setting

  • Top 10 skills in demand by Irish employers in 2017

    Demand for talent grew by 26% across all sectors throughout 2016 despite the uncertainly around the Brexit referendum and US presidential election.

  • How to overcome first day nerves

    You’ve been excited for weeks and the big day is almost here – first day on your new job! But all of a sudden you’re overwhelmed with uncertainty and nerves. Who am I to ask for when I get there? Where do I park? What if I don’t know what to do? What are my teammates names again? What if I’m not good enough? Ahh… where is the bathroom?

  • How to use a job rejection positively

    Being rejected for a position you really wanted can be disheartening and frustrating, but learning to use a rejection positively can turn it around and bring you closer to your goal of finding a great new job.

  • What would you do if success was guaranteed?

    If you knew that you were at the top of your game and would succeed at whatever you set your mind to, what would you aim for this year?

  • 15 Tips to Improve Communication in the Workplace

    Effective communication in the workplace is one of the most searched terms in Google in terms of job-related stress. We all have different ways of interacting with others, different perceptions of what is good communication and varying opinions of what is or is not appropriate in the office. With all those factors and more, there’s bound to be constant challenges. Often there are imperfect solutions or outcomes to interpersonal problems, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t seek to improve as much as possible. Here is a list of tips which will hopefully help with these issues:

  • How to use LinkedIn professionally

    Sean has changed his LinkedIn status to “Big game tonight, come on United!!!” While there are plenty of social outlets to vent and express your feelings online, LinkedIn is not one of them.

  • Why accounting could be a great career choice

    Are you looking for a great career that has plenty of variety, offers good opportunities to progress and is well respected? Accounting is a good, secure profession that is always in high demand, and has the potential to offer inspiring and interesting options at every level.

  • Thinking about a career in retail?

    Retail is the country’s largest industry and it is the largest private sector employer. Working in the retail industry offers a very exciting career path with there being many positive benefits to be gained from a career in retail. Retail jobs provide varied and challenging work and the chance to learn valuable skills.

  • Balancing work with further education

    On the back of the recession where unemployment reached over 15% at its worst point, employees are more concerned about the security of their positions. One of the consequences is people are looking to better themselves through education which can lead to job security or better job opportunities, should the worst happen.

  • Promoting Your Personal Brand

    Personal branding is about understanding what makes you interesting, compelling and different and using that to communicate your unique value to an employer. With the advances of modern technology, there are a lot of ways to promote your personal brand on and offline.

  • Forget New Year Resolutions ? Do this instead

    I’m no fan of New Year resolutions, they are usually a knee jerk response to over- indulgence at Christmas. We can also endeavour to ‘resolve’ issues or challenges at any time of the year. However, as we move into 2017, we have an opportunity to connect with that sense of possibility and potential for the year ahead.


    Looking for work can be stressful and tiring, especially if you don’t have a plan. Handing out CV’s and making cold calls can be hard on your self-confidence, but being strategic about your job hunt can refocusyou and give you the motivation to keep going.

  • How To Search For A Job While Still Employed

    It is likely, that at some stage in your life you will be looking for a new job while still employed. Often this can be the best time to begin searching for a new job as you are under less pressure and more likely to wait and find a job that you really love. Although it can be difficult to juggle your current role and searching for a new position, in the long run it will be worth it if you find a great job. Below are some tips to make the job hunt as stress free as possible.

  • What we can learn from the Olympics

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Olympics and Paralympics, the spectacular ceremonies, the inspiring stories and of course the edge of your seat action. This summer I spent many hours glued to the TV watching the best athletes in the world strive to reach the pinnacle of their sports in Rio.

  • Talk me through your CV

    Talk me through yourCVis a question that is almostguaranteedto come up at interview. It is a fantastic opportunity to prove to the interviewer that you are the right fit in terms of your experience and skill set.

  • Do you really need a new job in 2016?

    Let’s face it, January can be the most miserable month of the year for many of us. After the parties and presents of Christmas, returning to the nine to five can seem daunting at best, frightful at worst. Funds are low, bills are looming and you’re already struggling to keep your New Year resolutions – plenty of reason to want to hibernate from the real world.

  • All I want for Christmas is a New Job

    2016 is almost upon us, out with the old and in with the new. If you are looking to start 2016 with a new job, we've put together a few tips to help you ring in the new year with a new career (Too cheesy?).Oprah Winfrey said“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”The New Year rejuvenates our spirit and determination and if your plan is to search for a new job now is the time to take stock of the current job market and opportunities available to you.

  • Battling Workaholism

    Did you know workaholism is a recognised addiction? We often use the term flippantly, but there is a more serious meaning. A workaholic is someone who is addicted to work and who defines themselves by their work.

  • Maternity Style for Working Mothers

    Congratulations you are pregnant! A time of fatigue, possible sickness great excitement and joyJAnd then came the maternity clothes. Nothing made me feel more confident and prepared to take on the corporate world than Maternity clothes.Well er, ok actually not. So for all you lucky ladies I have decided to focus on one maternity brand and some high street stores that aren’t maternity specific but will do a lot of the hard work for you in your pregnancy.

  • Why and how to say NO.

    How can I say ‘no?’ How can I push back? Whilst most of us endeavour to be helpful and accommodating, there comes a time, for our own sanity, let alone an equitable work life balance, that we have to learn to say no.

  • Job Hunting: The Fear Factor

    Jobseekers have to face and overcome fears to land the ultimate prize – that dream job. Unfortunately, many jobseekers fail to overcome their fear and miss out on opportunities.

  • Four mistakes to avoid when delivering a presentation

    Bad presentations are all the same - too long, poorly prepared andpaced, are overly reliant on slides crammed with text and are delivered in a tone that saps the energy from even the most enthusiastic audience member. No one purposely sets out to deliver a poor presentation, but delivering effective presentations is a skill.

  • 12 Steps To Follow Before You Accept the Job Offer

    How do you make sure you will be happy in your next job? Follow these 12 steps

  • Job hunting? Here's some expert advice for every kind of jobseeker

    All job seekers have different challenges to overcome.Áilín Quinlangets CV tips for the graduate, thejobhunterwhohasn’t changed jobs in a decade and the man or woman out of the workplace for years.

  • New Year Re-Solutions

    The New Year is synonymous with making resolutions which for most people are knee-jerk responses to overindulgence during Christmas. If we split the word ‘resolutions’ in two, we have ‘re-solutions,’ and with 2015 stretching out in front of us, this is a great time to get curious about creating new solutions to old issues.

  • Job Search Strategies

    I’ve preached about proactive job search for over a decade. Thissaid,I know most job seekers are still reacting to the job market, only targeting advertised jobs.

  • What is my purpose in life

    What’s my purpose? What’s my calling in life? What’s the ideal career for me? These are big, powerful questions. If you have ever pondered these questions you are demonstrating a desire, a curiosity, to reach for your potential and a longing to live a life rich with meaning and purpose.

  • Dress like you mean business Part 2

    Remember that feeling when you went back to school after summer if you had new shoes, a new bag and all new pencil case and notebooks?Do you want to recreate this feeling again without spending a fortune?

  • A Digital Detox

    Conjoined, obsessed, tethered, addicted, attached? What word best describes your relationship with your smart phone? Does your phone accompany you to the bathroom? Is it beside you on the table when you are eating? Is it recharging on your bedside locker whilst you ‘recharge’ with your head on the pillow?

  • Dress like you mean business

    7 Seconds is what we haveto make an impression. What you wear will be the package of what you are trying to present. Don’t sell yourself short!

  • Attraction, Retention, Motivation

    Attraction, Retention, Motivation: Sigmar Recruitment report from listening to their clients that these are the three most common words used when discussing employees. And given that the war for talent is back on, this comes as no surprise.

  • Success A New Definition

    Traditionally, the word 'success' has been associated with the trappings of financial wealth, expensive cars, designer clothes, corner offices and lavish holidays. It’s a definition of success epitomised by the phrase accredited to Malcolm Forbes ‘he who has the most toys wins.’

  • How to Succeed in your new job

    It is important from the beginning to convince your new employers that, in selecting you, they have made the right choice.

  • Escaping the Rat Race

    Top career and personal development coach James Sweetman on how to throw off the shackles of the rat race. The term ‘rat race’ conjures up images of an unfortunate rodent scurrying on a wheel. It strives but never arrives.

  • 4 Traps to avoid when presenting

    I frequently work with clients who want to enhance their presentation skills. In this article, the first in a series on Presentation Skills, I share with you 4 pitfalls to avoid when delivering a presentation.

  • Presenting to Senior Managers

    In the second in my series of articles on enhancing Presentation Skills, I focus on presenting to senior managers, an audience that can strike terror into the hearts of even the most competent presenters. Here are my six golden rules.

  • Handling questions as a presenter

    You can prepare every aspect of your presentation, but the one area you can’t control is the questions you may be asked. Here are 10 strategies for managing the questions component of your presentations.

  • Effective Meetings ? 10 tips

    To paraphrase Tolstoy, productive meetings are all alike; every unproductive meeting is unproductive in its own way. As forums, meetings can inform and educate, decisions can be made, actions agreed, conflicts resolved, risks assessed and consensus reached.

  • 6 common job search mistakes

    Sending bland CVs – There’s far too much competition in the current job market for anything “substandard” to survive.

  • Four Critical Steps to Employment

    Rather than focus on what you have done in your career, start thinking about where you have added value and does your communication plan clearly demonstrate this?

  • Getting unstuck

    Stuck in a rut? Careers and personal development coach James Sweetnam shares some strategies for getting 'unstuck'.

  • Nine key actions for your job search

    Determined to be successful in your job search efforts? Careers coach Paul Mullan outlines nine key points that will help youachieveyour goals.

  • New year New Job How to start your Retail Job Search

    Many of us like a fresh start in a new year and sometimes, depending on how the previous year fared, that can include seeking out a new job.

  • New Years Resolutions worth keeping

    Drawing up some new year's resolutions? Top careers coach and motivational expert James Sweetman offers 16 key questions to consider as you set out your priorities for the year ahead.

  • Conquering the January Blues

    With Christmas and the New Year festivities behind us, many people find January a gloomy month. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 8 tips for conquering the January ‘blues’.

  • Ring out the old - career advice for 2014

    So 2013 is coming to an end. An opportunity for us to take stock and begin 2014 with a really strong sense of where we are, career-wise.

  • Effective job search during the Summer months

    Many job seekers assume recruitment grinds to a halt during the summer months. They take a break from job search activity because fewer jobs are advertised and recruitment delays are expected. It is important to maintain your job search activity.