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Labour draft code for TDs for debate today

The Dail is to debate a Labour Party motion today calling for the introduction of a code of conduct for TDs.

The draft code prepared by Labour obligates TDs to uphold and fully comply with the institutions of the State, including tribunals of inquiry.

It also requires deputies to avoid any improper use of payments or allowances made to them for public purposes.

They will have to carry out all official duties and private affairs in a thoroughly transparent manner.

The motion further includes a ban on TDs making deliberately false or misleading statements in the Dail.

Labour leader Ruairi Quinn said the recent spate of sleaze highlights the lack of powers available to the Oireachtas to deal with unacceptable and unethical behaviour by politicians.

It is due to be discussed during private members time today and tomorrow and may then be referred to the committee on members' interests.