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Napster to appeal decision

Internet song-swapping service Napster has promised to appeal after a US court told it to crackdown on the exchange of music on the website.

In a complicated ruling last night, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals said the music industry will almost surely win its case against the digital entertainment pioneer.

In a statement on this morning, company founder Shawn Fanning and CEO Hank Barry said: "The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Napster in our effort to keep the major record labels from shutting us down. We will be posting the latest news here throughout the week, so keep checking back.

"As the details of the ruling unfold, please keep this is mind: Napster is not shut down, but under this decision it could be. We are very disappointed in this ruling by the three judge panel and will seek appellate review. The Court today ruled on the basis of what it recognized was an incomplete record before it.

"We look forward to getting more facts into the record. We will pursue every avenue in the courts and the Congress to keep Napster operating."