How to choose your career

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1. What you are naturally good at

Identify what you're naturally good at and apply yourself in this direction.

2. What you enjoy to do 

Look at the things you enjoy doing, what makes you happy and want to get up each day?

3. Find the balance between what you enjoy doing and what society is willing to pay for

Find a balamce between what you enjoy to do, and what the value of your skills are on the market

4. Research, read books, watch videos dig deep into a day in the life to understand what is required

Put in the work- Read books, watch videos, seek out all the information you need to empower yourself

5. Find a job that respects your values

Find a career that aligns with your values if you want to feel truely happy 

6. Volunteer in the fields you are interested in 

Volunteer in the fields your interested in to gain valuable experience and make contacts

7. Talk with friends, family and people that work in the area of your interest 

Talk with friends, family members, and others who already work in the career you're interetsed in to gain a valuable insight

8. Define your goals

Define your goals, write them down and make sure they are 100% clear 

9. If you can't decide work hard in different fields until you find something that you love 

Don' be afraid to work hard in other fields while you look for your ideal career path

10. Think of what sacrifices you are willing to make

Sacrifices are often necessary to get to where you want to be, look at what sacrifices you're willing to make


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