Selby death toll may not be known for days

Friday, March 02, 2001
British police have warned that the exact death toll from the Selby rail disaster may not be known for several days.

As survivors battle to come to terms with the tragedy the bodies of the 13 known victims have now been recovered from the North Yorkshire crash site.

But police say some areas of the wreckage have not yet been searched and it is possible more bodies could be found.

Confirmed among the dead were the driver of the GNER train John Weddle, from Throckley, near Newcastle, and one of the drivers of the goods train, Stephen Dunn, from Brayton, Selby.

A chef on the GNER train, Paul Taylor from the Newcastle area, was also confirmed dead and the company said a third member of its crew, customer operations leader Raymond Robson, 43, from Whitley Bay, was "unaccounted for".

Freightliner, the company running the goods train said its second driver Andrew Hill, 39, from South Yorkshire, was in a satisfactory condition in hospital.

Bill Naylor, 55, a friend and neighbour of Mr Weddle, said: "It hit me like a brick. I hoped it was his day off."

Mr Weddle, 47, had worked in the rail industry for 25 years, while chef Mr Taylor, 42, had worked for the company for more than two years.

He said Mr Weddle lived alone and had a daughter called Stephanie and a son, and was divorced.

He added: "We used to play guitar together. We didn't talk about work - we just used to take it out on our guitars."