Vet predicts more foot-and-mouth cases

Thursday, March 01, 2001
Vets believe that more cases of foot-and-mouth are likely to emerge.

Chief Veterinary Officer Jim Scudamore says investigators are awaiting results from a number of tests .

"We confirmed seven cases yesterday, we have got more in the pipeline," he said.

"These are all linked to a large extent with movements that took place before we put the complete ban (on livestock movements) on the 23rd February," he told the BBC.

Asked if it would be necessary to cull wildlife, to prevent foxes and deer spreading the disease, he said: "At the moment we are doing a risk assessment of the various species.

"From that we will then conclude whether we need to take any action or whether the risks are so low that there is no problem."

Meanwhile, the farmer whose premises are believed to be the source of the foot and mouth outbreak, today defended hygiene standards at his premises.

Bobby Waugh, of Burnside Farm at Heddon-on-the-Wall in Northumberland, told the BBC's Close Up North programme: "The farm is not in a poor state, it's in a good state. If people saw the pigs, they would have seen how good a condition they were in."

A third possible case of foot-and-mouth disease in Scotland is being investigated by the State Veterinary Service on a farm in the Falkirk Council area, the Scottish Executive announced.