27th foot-and-mouth case identified, more expected

Thursday, March 01, 2001
A new case of foot-and-mouth has been confirmed in Longtown, Cumbria - bringing the total to 27.

Six more cases of foot-and-mouth disease are expected to be confirmed later in the day, Chief Veterinary Officer Jim Scudamore has warned.

These include two in Scotland, one in Northern Ireland and three more in England.

The six cases are: one in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, two in Dumfries, Scotland, two in Carlisle and one in Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister appeared to hold out little hope of compensation for the food industry when he took part in a Radio Clyde phone-in.

"It's always been the case traditionally that governments have not committed themselves to consequential losses, because they can be vast sums of money and where do you draw the line?" said Mr Blair.

"We are acutely aware of the problems of people working in the food industry at the moment, and it's something we are discussing with the representatives of the industry."

Mr Scudamore says investigators are awaiting results from a number of tests.

"We confirmed seven cases yesterday, we have got more in the pipeline," he said.

"These are all linked to a large extent with movements that took place before we put the complete ban (on livestock movements) on the 23rd February," he told the BBC.