Inquest into murdered mother and sons to take place today

Friday, March 02, 2001
The inquest into the deaths of a woman and two young sons from Cuffsgrange in Co Kilkenny is due to take place today.

34-year-old Maeve Byrne, her ten-year-old son Alan and six-year-old Shane were found dead in separate incidents last September.

Their tragic deaths shocked the country. Mrs Byrne was found dead in her house on the 27th of September last year, she was found with stab wounds to the body.

Mrs Byrne had been there for many days before Gardai were called to the house.

A nationwide hunt began for Mrs Byrne's husband, 41-year-old Stephen Byrne and her sons.

Their car was found submerged in water off Dungannon pier in Co Wexford.

The bodies of the two sons were found a short while later while it took a week for Mr Byrne's body to be washed up in Wales.

It is believed that Mr Stephen Byrne drove the family car with his two sons off the pier drowning all the occupants.