• Change from Retail to Administration

    Q: I have been in retail for over 15 years and want to change career. I have done a clerical course with fas. I want to get into administration work so that in a year or two I would be able to back to college, only I feel I am not strong enough on a computer for this type of work. I also want to relocate to cork. What steps should I take in progressing further? Thanks

  • Office Based role to Tree Surgeon

    Q: I've been in an out of Funded Programme jobs mainly 9-5 office based for years, I cant get into another line of work and have been considering a career change as I like the out doors I've been thinking of arboriculture/tree surgeon but wonder if its the wrong thing to do, What do you recommend?

  • The best way to move in a career change

    Q: I have been in sports retail since I was 16, From sales assistant right through to a trainee manager position. What would you consider the best way to move in a career change?

  • Move into your qualified field

    Q: Good afternoon.My name is Sebastian. I undergone University in Romania Faculty of Engineering and graduated in 2007 speciality of Machine Building Technology. I moved to Ireland 3 years ago hoping to find a job in my domain but I have been working as a HGV driver for a company in Dublin ever since. Now I feel like its time to do the thing that I like and prepared for during University therefore I would very much appreciate if you could give some piece of advice about where to start from considering the fact that I have only 3 months experience working as a process engineer in an investment casting foundry (CIE Matricon Targu Mures) after graduation.

  • Relocation Job Advice

    Q: I am an Airline pilot flying with a major airline in Asia, and want to relocate to Irland. What options are available for me, I am a university graduate, over 16 years of airline experience, please advise me accordingly, Best Regards Abid

  • Cannot get work experience

    Q: I went back to college as a mature student and received my Level 7 BEng. last year. I cannot get any work or experience and my degree is now slipping away from me. I am back working in my old career as a chef now which I did not want to do anymore. I am married with 4 kids so I cant afford to go back to college to do any more study. What can I do?

  • Next career step

    Q. Hi Ed, I am currently a mature student undertaking a BBS (hons) degree, which will finish soon, My current GPA is 70%, I have 20 years experience in running a business, my function mainly focused on three things- the installation and maintenance of the quality system, the day to day operations of the company and the payroll and accounts system, I am considering undertaking a Masters Degree, but really need an income, what do you suggest? Breda

  • De-motivated in work

    Q. I work in catering management in a corporate environment. The position is several steps backward for me and I have become de-motivated. I am interested in opening my own business but unsure of what kind of business. I am also considering changing careers completely as I am unhappy with the pay and hours involved. Do you have any suggestions on other areas I could pursue where my current experience would be relevant?

  • How to know when you need a change

    Q. I am good at my old job but I am bored and don't relish the thought of going in every morning any more. I would like to change my job and do something completely different. How do I know if this is really what I want to do or whether I am just temporarily bored. What if my new career goes badly? - Mary

  • Move from Garda Siochana to Health & Safety

    Q. I am 54 years of age, working in An Garda Siochana. I wish to change my career. I completed a diploma course at UCD 2005/07 in Health & Safety, an area I would like to work in but unable so far to get a start in this area. Can advise me as to how I can enter the workforce in the area of Health and Safety or further my chances by taking up an alternative Degree? – David

  • What do you want from your job

    Q. I work as a project manager writing projects and feasibility studies related to EU structural funds. I have been working for 2 years and I am known as hardworking and motivated person always try to do the best for the clients. I asked for an increase in salary which has been steady for 1 year. This was rejected. My colleague is pregnant and I am expected to overtake the department but in this situation I'm not sure whether to change jobs or cover this absence? - Eliska

  • Hate your new job?

    Q. I’m in new job for just 6 months but really hate it. Is it ok to start looking for new job after such short time in current role? What will future employers think of this when looking at my CV? – Jack

  • Move form a call centre to an office role

    Q. I am currently working in the insurance sales industry. I am currently in a call centre & I want to progress to a broker type office. I would ultimatly like to be a mortgage advisor. Do you know how I should go about breaking into this industry? -Rachel