Office Based role to Tree Surgeon

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: I've been in an out of Funded Programme jobs mainly 9-5 office based for years, I cant get into another line of work and have been considering a career change as I like the out doors I've been thinking of arboriculture/tree surgeon but wonder if its the wrong thing to do, What do you recommend?


A: Your question is slightly vague and is along the lines of what will I do with my life. Frankly the answer is I don’t know, you have to start thinking about it. 

Most people in life who feel that they are not living to their potential simply have to think about what it is they want to achieve. The difference between successful people and less successful people is that the successful people are very focused on what they want to achieve whereas less successful are often vague about what they want to achieve.

Therefore I suggest that you start reading some books on life choices I can recommend a book called “Finding your own North Star” by Martha Beck. Even if you look it up on Amazon you will see similar books listed and one or two of them might appeal to you. 

This will help you decide if it is the wrong thing to do.