Benefits of Temp Work

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Working as a temporary employee has many advantages. It can be a great opportunity to gain valuable experience, update your skills, gain exposure to different company cultures and sizes and it lends itself to a more flexible lifestyle.




One of the largest benefits of being a temporary worker is its flexibility. It is ideal for those who may require seasonal work or do not wish to work full time. You can choose assignments when you are available for work according to your schedule.




Temping is ideal for people who are visiting Ireland on a working holiday, or who have relocated here permanently. It is a great way to gain local market experience and increase your awareness of the different types of company culture, positions etc


Better Pay:

In today’s buoyant market, our clients are constantly on the look out for reliable, experienced candidates and many candidates find they can be paid more as a temp than a permanent employee. Temporary employees are also entitled to statutory holiday pay.


Identify New Opportunities:

Being a temporary employee gives you a valuable insight into how a company works and can give you the opportunity to apply for permanent positions that may arise. Companies often prefer to hire someone they’ve worked with before and may approach you regarding permanent opportunities rather than advertising it externally.


Temporary employment offers the opportunity to work with a variety of employers, gaining a broad range of experience and allowing you to introduce new skills to your CV. Whether it is a new skill or expanding the experience you have gained already, you can discover a completely different area of strength.


  • Ensure your CV is fully up to date and shows a comprehensive listing of your skills and qualifications.
  • Register with a reputable agency. IRC have a wide client base and have ongoing requirements for temporary candidates in various professions (e.g. Accountancy and Finance, Secretarial and Office Support, IT, Engineering, Hospitality) and at all levels. We offer excellent rates, holiday pay and advice for overseas temps.
  • When registering with a new agency you will need to have proof of identity, a valid working visa and your bank details.
  • Many temporary assignments have a fast turnaround time and so if you are easily contactable you are more likely to get the best assignments. Ensure that you have a working mobile phone and email address at all times. It is important to let your recruitment company know of your availability.
  • Research the company you have been assigned to before you start. It will give you an understanding of what the company does and may help you impress your superior during your assignment.
  • Once you have secured an assignment, make sure you have all the information you need;


Details of your responsibilities
Who you should ask for on arrival / who you will be reporting to
Check the location and how to get there, always have a map and bus timetable to hand 
Make sure you arrive on time.
What is the dress code?
What are the hours of work? Will you be required to work outside these hours?
Make sure you have all the relevant paper work you need e.g. timesheets