General Cover Letter Tips

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Importance of a Cover Letter

A cover letter must always accompany your CV. Not including a cover letter is basically just lazy. Sending a cover letter shows you have taken time to think about the job and why you are suited to it. Use the opportunity to tailor the letter to the specific position. Your cover letter represents the opportunity to highlight the key points in your CV. In short the cover letter should make the hiring manager want to read the CV.

General Tips

Some people advocate using the AIDA formula when writing your letter:

  • Attention - Read my letter
  • Interest - I have skills / experience that you can use
  • Desire - It would be good to meet me to discuss my skills
  • Action - I will phone you or you can contact me on

In one page maximum you should, introduce yourself, tell him / her what role you are applying for, tell the employer why you're the best candidate, prompt the hirer to contact you to set up an interview, always finish your letter by saying that you will contact the person you have written to.

This will put you in control and give you the excuse to follow up your letter with a phone call.


Avoid rattling off all the details of your CV - the cover letter contains the highlights! Keep your letter relevant and brief and to the point. Use the same paper you have used in your CV. Do your research; always address the letter to a specific person. Don't be afraid to ring the company and find out who the relevant person is. This is more likely to be read than addressing it 'Dear Sir / Madam'. If addressing to a specific person, sign it off 'Yours sincerely'. If, Dear Sir / Madam, sign it off 'Yours faithfully'. Check all spelling and grammar, layout should be business style format. Type the letter.