• 6 CV writing tips for graduates

    Keep the design simple so that all recruiters and employers can read and understand your CV

  • The Power of the Creative CV in Online Marketing

    Seeing as your CV is your first point of contact with potential employers, many jobseekers have been utilising their CVs to convey their creativity and suitability for online marketing roles.

  • 9 questions to ask before sending your CV for a job

    It is important to have a professional looking CV.

  • 5 minute CV tricks that can land you a job you want

    Follow these 5 quick steps for a great CV

  • Use These Action Words On Your CV To Describe Your Experience

    The success of any CV relies on its ability to describe the actions a candidate takes to perform their role and benefit their employer.

  • CV Tips: Avoid the cliches

    After reading countless CVs day in, day out here at Sigmar, there are many a CV cliché that makes our eyes glaze over. Phrases such as ‘motivated, hard-working, team player’ and ‘enthusiastic individual with experience working in a fast-paced environment’ are white noise to us as recruiters yet we still see them appear on numerous CVs every day.

  • Gaps in Your CV: A Problem or an Asset?

    Most people will need to submit a CV when applying for a job, but writing a CV can be stressful. For example, people often worry about having gaps on their CV, feeling that these may concern an employer. This is not necessarily true, but it is important to think about how you explain any employment gaps, making it clear that they are an asset rather than a problem.

  • How to Create a Successful CV

    With many employers now receiving hundreds of applications for each advertised vacancy, how do you know what they are really looking for and how can you make your CV stand out from the crowd?

  • CV Templates

    Paul Mullen of Measurability Irelandhas supplied us with some CV examples for whatever career stage you are at. Click on the links to download the template in Word format.

  • Here is what happens when you write an honest CV listing your flaws

    Jeff Scardino was sick of tooting his own horn on his CV so he decided to do something different - he was brutally honest about his failures rather than his successes.So instead of getting the highlights reel of Jeff's career as an advertising executive, potential employers were treated to the lowlights.

  • 10 CV Pitfall's

    10 possible CV pitfall's to avoid when compiling your CV.

  • Things to avoid when filling out your CV

    Boredof advice on how to find your dream job? Suzanne Harringtoncasts an arched eyebrow over some of the world’s most rubbish cvs.

  • CV Writing - Make an impact in 20 seconds

    Your CV has about 20 seconds to make an impact. It’s important to make the most out of this short window of opportunity.Failure to do so will mean your CV ends up in the bin. Here are some CV writing tips to ensure your CV creates an instant impact.

  • How to ensure your CV avoids the bin

    It’s tough trying to land interviews in a highly competitive job market. Having said this, many job seekers make it tougher by distributing sub-standard CVs. You MUST create and distribute an impactful CV.

  • 10 tips towards a professional CV

    Top career consultant Paul Mullan lists 10 key points for the perfect CV.

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    Here is part three of Paul Mullan's video tutorial about creating an impactful CV

  • How to create an impactful CV - Part two

    Here is part two of Paul Mullan's video tutorial about creating an impactful CV

  • 7 steps to create an impactful CV

    This month Paul gives some great tips for writing a CV with impact.

  • 5 Tips for dealing with the Overqualified issue

    These days in order to get back into the job market, many people are applying for roles that don’t require their level of experience and qualifications. In this situation, how do you avoid running the risk of being overlooked in the recruitment process and rejected on the basis of being overqualified?

  • How to turn your CV into a Sales Document

    Businesswoman Helen Butler of Kiosk Keyboard, with over 20 years experience of helping individuals prepare for the jobs market, has developed a list of key do’s and don’t for people who now need to develop a CV as a result of job loss.

  • Understanding and communicating your product - ME

    There are many important ingredients required for successful job hunting. One key ingredient is the ability to understand and effectively communicate your product. Job seekers must work to enhance their ability to sell themselves effectively. Inability to master this will result in missed job opportunities and rejection

  • Why your CV could be a failure

    The CV is still the key tool of choice for most job seekers. This is due to the fact that job seekers spend the majority of their time targeting advertised jobs. Unfortunatelymost CVs I read do little justice for their owner.

  • New world of job search for parents returning to work

    The job market has changed dramatically over the last 3-5 years. Parents returning to work now face increased competition for fewer available jobs. They face significant advancements in technology through online job board advancements and the emergence of social media.