5 minute CV tricks that can land you a job you want

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#1 CV trick is to have the right font

The right font will ensure that both humans and robots have an easy time reading your resume. A good font is important because recruiting robots need to review your CV first.

#2 Draw attention to your best qualities

Put the most important information in the top third of your CV. When someone looks at your CV, you want your best qualities to be straight in their eye-line without needed to scroll down on laptop.

#3 Begin with an impactful personal summary

A short, snappy introduction is exactly what you need to catch the eye of the recruiter. Infact we’ve written a whole post about whether you need a career objective on your CV.

However, my personal opinion is to have a snazzy personal summary on your CV. It isn’t one of those CV tricks that you can avoid. No. You need a personal summary on your CV.

#4 Use right keywords on your CV

Recruiters scan for keywords – that is a fact. You need to put the right keywords on your CV. Here is an example of keywords you can use.

It’s also important to have the vital skills mentioned on your cv because increasingly recruitment robots are scanning CVs. So having them written on your CV makes it very important.

#5 Quantify achievements on your CV

Use numbers and details where ever possible. Using numbers quantifies your achievements and gives evidence to recruiters.

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