6 CV writing tips for graduates

Monday, June 26, 2017

1. Keep it simple

  • Keep the design simple so that all recruiters and employers can read and understand your CV
  • Don't use an over-elaborate font that could be hard to decipher - use a simple clean font
  • Don't use logos and images - focus on the content of your CV

2. Do your research

  • Browse for jobs
  • Make a list of the most important candidate requirements
  • Study your target employers' websites

3. Create an instant impact

  • Recruiters will only spend a few seconds on an initial skim read of your CV before deciding whether or not to read it in full
  • Create an easy-to-read structure by using short sharp paragraphs and bullet points
  • Define sections with clear bold headings for simple navigations 
  • Highlight your most valuable talents at the top of your CV so they are instantly seen

4. compensate for your lack of work experience

  • One of the biggest challenges that graduates face, is their lack of work experience - but there are seveal ways that issue can be combatted:
  • Detail university projects to show essential workplace skills such as: Organisaing, planning, teamwork.
  • highlight work placements or voluntary work to deomonstrate workplace exposure
  • Start a professional course and list it on CV

5. Sell yourself 

  • Head your CV up with a powerful personal statement, that summarises your most valuable skills and knowledge.
  • Prove your vaue by showing the impact you have made on previous employers 

This originally appeared on careergeekblog.com