New world of job search for parents returning to work

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The job market has changed dramatically over the last 3-5 years. Parents returning to work now face increased competition for fewer available jobs. They face significant advancements in technology through online job board advancements and the emergence of social media. 

These changes have transformed the way we look for new job opportunities, but also how we manage our careers. Below I have identified some key points to help parents returning to the workforce. 

Create Impact Marketing Material – Review your CV and Cover Letter. I’d estimate that over 80% of the CVs I review are bland and fail to sell the owner. Poor self-marketing will result in reduced interview opportunities. Parents returning to work must create impact marketing material to help overcome the “absent from the workforce” hurdle. This is especially true when targeting advertised jobs. You MUST communicate relevant information to the reader, communicate your ability to solve problems or add value, and then back this up with hard evidence of past achievements/successes. 

Implement Visibility Strategies - Return to work parents often face the “gap in the CV” dilemma. Don’t remain hiding behind your CV. Engage strategies that remove the emphasis on the CV/Cover Letter when targeting advertised jobs. Lean on real world networking, online networking, and speculative approaches to access the hidden jobs. A CV tells a fraction of the information required to make a hiring decision. Using strategies that remove the emphasis on the CV will provide more opportunities to communicate your personality and attitude to the hiring manager. 

Become Technology Savvy – Familiarise yourself with online job boards as they can provide a quick and simple return to employment. has enhanced job seeker services over the last number of years. Invest time and energy into understanding and using Social Media. The emergence of Social Media has changed how we hunt for job opportunities, and how we manage our careers. LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter are now essential job search accessories for 2011. Social Media can enhance communication with your personal and professional network, facilitate the expansion of your networks, help you stand out when targeting advertised jobs, and help you access the unadvertised jobs. Review these articles “Using LinkedIn to target advertised jobs” and “An impact LinkedIn profile will enhance your job search”

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