• Gather Interesting C.V. Information.

    Gather Interesting C.V. Information.A comment on some less obvious issues relating to jobs and career change activity.Gather Interesting C.V. Information.

  • No calls for Interview

    Q: Hi Paul, I have just finished a Ph.D in Environmental Science. I have applied for loads of jobs in the past 8-9months and have not received any interview offers etc, the jobs I have applied for are mainly lab analyst, quality analyst, microbiology or research scientist jobs, I have no industry experience outside of college. Any ideas or guidelines would be much appreciated.

  • Rejoining the workforce

    Q: I wish to rejoin the workforce after spending time managing the home, how is the best way to put this in a c.v.

  • CV Writing

    Q: Hi Sir/Madam, I am doing an MBA and I am about to finish and I still dont know how to make a good CV and cover note. So can you please help me out. thanks.

  • CV Structure

    Q: Paul, I need my CV to be restructured. Presently I am working in Kasakhstan. I need some professional help in tailoring my CV so prospective employers will review. I have vast experience in my field but unfortunately my CV is probably not to appealing. What advice can you give me on this ? - John

  • Should I use a standard CV

    Q: Is it advisable to have a standard CV that you send to every potential employer or is is better to customise every CV to the job applied to?

  • CV Headings

    Q: Can you please tell me the required info in headings to be included in a CV. I am reading so many different ways to write it up and its getting very confusing. Thanks

  • Over Qualified

    Q: Due to ill health I have to give up my position of Financial Controller. I have post natal depression, and the stress of my current role is not conducive to my recovery. I now want to apply for lower level positions, such as administration or accounts assistant position. How do I prepare my CV for this move? I don’t want to be written off as over qualified. Claire

  • What am I doing wrong?

    Q: I have been a successful member of the Supply Chain community for the last 20 years. In that time I have worked for most of the top 100 Blue chip Consumer Electronic companies gaining a vast experience in IT, Logistics, Transport, Customer Service, Manufacturing, People and Services. I have traveled the world, creating best in class operations in Eastern Europe, Holland and Germany and I have held senior EMEA and Global positions in my last two companies, reaching Director Status, but since I have been made redundant in April 2009, I have not been able to gain an interview with any of the numerous jobs that I have applied for. I am completely baffled. The feedback on my CV previously was pretty good. What am I doing wrong? Gerry.

  • Length of time with an employer

    Q. I have only worked in two places both for 2 years each and all prospective employers point this out, can you show me a way to use it to my advantage? Plus both areas have been totally different than one another- one being fashion the other accountancy!! Niamh

  • Should I email my application?

    Q. Hi, when sending out speculative applications, is it better to email them, or to post/mail them to the targeted company? Charles

  • Irish CV Format

    Q. I am a 39 year old construction professional in the concrete industry. My wife is a registered nurse. We were considering moving to Galway Ireland. Would my C.V. need to be re-written to be more attractive to businesses in the Ireland area. Or would the typical American format be OK? Darby

  • Cover Letter Content

    Q. What is the best content for an introduction letter? Should it detail references and specify the information already given in the personal info section of the CV, or should it give further information? - Jaime

  • Necessary Experience

    Q. I am applying for Senior Buyer positions with Pharmaceutical/Chemical industries. My problem is that I have no manufacturing experience but I have been involved in the procurement of capital equipment for start-up plants and green field sites. I know I have the ability to do the job but I find HR will not look outside the box, how do I demonstrate to them that I have the necessary experience from my previous jobs? Declan

  • Martial Status

    Q. Would it be advisable to include my martial status and number of kids on my CV and if yes should I include this under my achievements section? - Henry

  • Change of career

    Q. I want to go back to work after a 6 year gap. I have only 3.5 years work experience in database development. As the IT industry is changing very fast, I am not confident that I can go back to what I was doing. I want to try something else but I’m unsure how to make my previous experience work for me not against me. Do I need to explain the reason of not working in the cover letter and CV or is it better to keep it professional not personal?- Anna

  • Changing job industry

    Q. I am trying to move into the retail sector and I’m getting nowhere. I expect my CV is the problem, my previous experience is all in unrelated roles such as general operative, store person etc, and although I am currently taking a course in a retail management, I’m not sure people are reading as far as that on my CV. Should I leave out the unrelated information?