Changing job industry

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q. I am trying to move into the retail sector and I’m getting nowhere. I expect my CV is the problem, my previous experience is all in unrelated roles such as general operative, store person etc, and although I am currently taking a course in a retail management, I’m not sure people are reading as far as that on my CV. Should I leave out the unrelated information?


A. With regard to CV Preparation, one of the key factors you must consider is that you have identified your transferable skills and that these are reflected in a Personal Profile, which would normally be placed under your Contact Details. This will point the reader in the direction of where your skills and strengths lie and will prompt and motivate them to read on further. For example a Personal Profile could go something like this.... “Ambitious, hard-working, and motivated with experience in a variety of roles, who is currently undertaking a Course in Retail Management.......”. (Full Profiles would be developed on Analysis of candidate).


Next area would be to include your Education Details underneath your Contact Details, this again points the reader in the correct direction. Work History would appear next but your reader is now well motivated to assess your transferable skills. A strong cover letter is also a vital element of the Job Seeking Process where we would again point the reader in the appropriate direction. “No Cover Letter, No Interview”.