Cover Letter Content

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q. What is the best content for an introduction letter? Should it detail references and specify the information already given in the personal info section of the CV, or should it give further information? - Jaime

A. A cover letter is a document that supports your CV and generally it should be no longer than one page containing 3 short paragraphs. Rather than writing about references or copying the content of your CV you should focus on a number of essential key points that will catch the reader’s eye.

You can get very creative with a cover letter but typically it will be structured as follows:

Paragraph 1 - State the reason for writing (try and catch the eye). State the position or type of work applying. Mention how you heard of the position or organisation. Refer the reader to the enclosed CV.

Paragraph 2 - This is the opportunity to sell yourself. Your CV has the detail so summarise a few skills and achievements that make you suitable. Mention why you want to work for the organisation.

Paragraph 3 - Indicate your availability for interview with times when you can be contacted. Thank the reader for the time and consideration given to your application.