CV Structure

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: Paul, I need my CV to be restructured. Presently I am working in Kasakhstan. I need some professional help in tailoring my CV so prospective employers will review. I have vast experience in my field but unfortunately my CV is probably not too appealing. What advice can you give me on this ? - John

Thanks for the question. 

It is difficult to give you specific comment without reviewing your actual CV. There are three key elements to creating an apealing CV - focused content, information positioning, and visual appearance. 

Content - You indicate that you have vast experience. You need to establish which experience is most relevant for targeted roles. Each application may ask for different skills/experience, so ensure you provided focused content. Information Positioning - It is important to give the relevant information to the hiring manager as quickly as possible. 

Ensure you format the CV so that any key information is on the first page. I read too many CVs with key information hidden from the reader. 

Visual Appearance - Ensure that you choose an easy to read format. I prefer something simple, with uniformed format, and clear headers.