Necessary Experience

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q. I am applying for Senior Buyer positions with Pharmaceutical/Chemical industries. My problem is that I have no manufacturing experience but I have been involved in the procurement of capital equipment for start-up plants and green field sites. I know I have the ability to do the job but I find HR will not look outside the box, how do I demonstrate to them that I have the necessary experience from my previous jobs? Declan


A. You must ensure that you write your CV focusing on the key requirements outlined on the job description. Unfortunately some recruiters cannot look outside the box as with your situation where they are seeking manufacturing experience. You must remember that HR professionals are often not technical so may not see the link between your experience and the requirements.

When they do not see manufacturing they do not call for interview. If you have streamlined the CV and feel it is not generating interviews perhaps try a different approach.

Phone the recruiter or HR professional before submitting your CV. Phone contact can add another dimension to your CV and also provide an opportunity to put forward your case. A few points on this approach - you must have a positive sales pitch and ability to communicate it clearly. Also your call may not be greeted positively in all cases.