Over Qualified

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: Due to ill health I have to give up my position of Financial Controller. I have post natal depression, and the stress of my current role is not conducive to my recovery. I now want to apply for lower level positions, such as administration or accounts assistant position. How do I prepare my CV for this move? I don’t want to be written off as over qualified. Claire


A. It can be difficult to achieve your goal in the current job market through reliance on a CV alone. Over supply of candidates for jobs means that there are often many irrelevant and over qualified applicants. Try the following

1. Revise your CV -- You can try to dumb down the responsibilities on your CV and emphasise your experience relevant to the requirements of the lower level jobs. Good recruiters or HR should see through this though.

2. Cover Letter – Explain your desire to work at this level on your cover letter.

3. Temp/Part-time/Contract – Target these types of roles. There is more chance of a company committing to an over qualified person in one of these working arrangements as opposed to full-time. Fear that you are only using their role until you gain a more senior role again.

4. Networking – You next position could be within your current network, friend of a friend, old work colleague or previous employer. Look at the option of accountancy practices also.