Rejoining the workforce

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: I wish to rejoin the workforce after spending time managing the home, how is the best way to put this in a c.v.


A: Breaks from employment are quite common in the modern job environment. Employers can look on them positively as much as they can negatively. I have worked with one individual who successfully transitioned back into employment after 18+ years managing the home. 

There are a few possible options to present your recent experience mention but don’t go into any real detail – 

Just offer the basic information - outline the dates and the fact that took a career break. The trick is to get the reader to move to the relevant experience/skills as quickly as possible. No real need to offer any detail about what you were doing during the career break. 

Mention and go into detail – You can use the experience to help sell yourself for a particular role. Managing the home is a very important role with specific skills required. 

Try to disguise the break - You could try a functional or skills based style of CV. This focuses on skills/experience rather than actual dates. It can disguise the fact that you have been out of the job market. I don’t like this type of CV and good recruiters can see through them. 

Remove the focus on the CV – If you are not getting much success with your CV, try implementing strategies that don’t put emphasis on a CV. You need to get out a meet people in the flesh rather than let them make judgments based on a piece of paper. This way you can communicate attitude, personality, and drive.