What am I doing wrong?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: I have been a successful member of the Supply Chain community for the last 20 years. In that time I have worked for most of the top 100 Blue chip Consumer Electronic companies gaining a vast experience in IT, Logistics, Transport, Customer Service, Manufacturing, People and Services. I have traveled the world, creating best in class operations in Eastern Europe, Holland and Germany and I have held senior EMEA and Global positions in my last two companies, reaching Director Status, but since I have been made redundant in April 2009, I have not been able to gain an interview with any of the numerous jobs that I have applied for. I am completely baffled. The feedback on my CV previously was pretty good. What am I doing wrong? Gerry.


A. It is difficult to comment on the CV or if this is actually the problem without seeing your current document. Your scenario is similar to many of my clients and can be attributed to one of a number of factors. (a) CV is not selling you, (b) you do not meet the exact requirements for the roles you are making applications to - for example you are over qualified and finally (c) increased competition in the market. Some suggestions include the following.

1. CV – Ensure that you are tailoring it for each application. Involves more effort BUT this could make the difference.

2. Don’t hide behind your CV –CVs only tell part of the story but unfortunately many interview selections are made on this piece of paper. Try to engage with potential employers and recruiters as this will add another dimension to your CV.

3. Cover Letter / Email – To try to engage with potential employers by sending a targeted cover letter or short email minus your CV. You want to create enough interest to prompt a reply or call. This may provide an opportunity to sell yourself more.

4. LinkedIn – If you have not already done so perhaps you can get more attention from potential employers by directing them to your LinkedIn Profile.

5. Proactive Job Hunting – You can’t ignore advertised jobs but this is where you will find all the competition. Perhaps invest a bit more time into proactive strategies especially networking.