Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: I hope u can help me out.. I'm working with a company over a year now. I was hired as a store manager earning 34 k a year and approx half hour from my home so I moved house closer to work approx ten mins from the job... Anyway they have cut my wages to 25k and sent me to a different store on 25k a year and as a sales assistant. Also now I'm travelling to a diffErent county and driving 120 km per day can they do this ? thanks in advance


A: If I understand you correctly, you have been demoted, had your pay reduced by one third and relocated with a round trip of 120km. 

I am unclear as to why you have lost the position of store manager; if the position is redundant and this is the only suitable alternative the employer has, then it may be legitimate.

If you had a performance related issue and with support you were unable to meet the requirements then it may be legitimate. 

Otherwise it is most likely not legal.