Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: I have been working for a bluechip company for 7 years and have been based in one Irish city throughout that period, although that location is not specifically stated in my contract.I have been promoted and in my current position [for the last 3 years] have agreed to work one day per week in another city. One week before I returned from matleave I was advised that my job was now to be located in that other city full time. Can they do this?


A: You need to look at your contract of employment and to review the clause in relation to location of work and also any reference to where you may be required to work at other company locations. 

If there is no reference to this in your contract and the distance between where you normally worked and the second location is beyond 40km, then you would be entitled to challenge this change in terms and condition of employment. 

The employer could not force this matter without your consent.