Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q: I work in a call centre alone on night shift on a 2 week roster. my colleague and myself cover this shift over the 2 weeks. I work monday ,tuesday, friday, saturday and sunday on week 1, then wednesday and thursday week 2. anyway my question is that my employer is forcing me to work my colleague's shifts as well as my own when she is on holidays which could mean I work 14 shifts or more without a night off. Is he legally right in making me do this? Also as I and my colleague work alone at night we get no proper breaks


A: It would appear that your employer is in breach of the Organisation of Working Time Act in a number of ways:-


as you are unable to get your breaks, and it would appear for the long hours/shifts you are working. 

You may work a maximum of 48 hours per week, on average. You must have an 11 hour break between shifts. You must have one 24 hour break in the week. 

I would also be concerned for your health and safety as you say you are working alone at night. Your employer should do a risk assessment and put in place measures to protect you in this situation.