• Managing long term absence in SMEs ? a role for independent HR?

    Experienced HR managers know that stress and absence are bad for business and that tackling absence problems can be a difficult and complex process.

  • Dealing with Bullying Harassment and Sexual Harassment

    The many grounds for bullying and harassment and its multiple forms make it a complex issue. Harassment and bullying can range from extremes such as violence, to less obvious forms like ignoring someone.

  • Force Majeure Leave

    The Parental Leave Acts, 1998 and 2006, give employees in Ireland a limited right to leave from work in times of family crisis. This is known as “force majeure leave” and arises where forurgent family reasons the immediate presence at the place where the (injured or ill) person is, whether at his/her home, of the employee is indispensable as a result of an injury to, or illness involving a close family member.

  • Recent Equality Decision of Interest on Compulsory Retirement

    In the 2012 case of Paul Doyle –v- ESB International Limited DEC--2012-086, the complainant had been employed by ESB as a graphic designer for approximately 13 years. Mr Doyle stated that he became aware of his compulsory retirement when an email was circulated announcing his retirement and inviting him and his colleagues for drinks to mark his departure.

  • Legal Rights

    Jennifer Cashman, a partner specialising in employment law with one of Ireland's leading law firms, Ronan Daly Jermyn has complied these questions and answers for RecruitIreland.com.

  • Changes to Social Welfare waiting days

    Employers will be aware that the social welfare entitlements for sick leave is changing from 3 days to 6 days from January 2014