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Types of cover letter

In response to an advert

Check you meet the requirements of the job outlined, most recruiters advise only applying if you have 90% of the requirements. The other 10% are probably 'nice to haves' rather than 'must haves' anyway.

Don't dwell on what you don't have, highlight your assets.

Use the words in the ad in your letter. Highlight how you have a track record in these areas.

In this instance, there is usually a name provided. If there isn't find out whom it should be addressed to. Make sure you reference the job, where you saw it.

Speculative CV

Do your Research on the company - find out what the company does and how your skills could add value to their team.

It could start of with 'Having read you are (mention recent articles on company and why your skills would be of benefit to such a company).

Again, also send the letter to a specific person.

Sending to Agencies

Choose your agencies and make sure they deal with the sector you want work in.

Find out the relevant consultants name that deals with your sector.

Be brief and specific - outline what sort of position you are interested in, at what level, what sort of organisation and what your salary expectations are. Give a short summary of your skills, experience and qualifications.