5 Interview Questions you should be asking

Friday, March 14, 2014

James Sweetman has put together 5 key interview questions from the recruiter or employer perspective and why you would ask them.

• What preparation have you done for this interview? 
Browsing the company website is threshold preparation, hiring an interview coach, speaking to some current staff members, setting up a google alerts, even researching the interviewers, shows a candidates motivation and attention to detail. 

• How would your last manager/ current manager rate your performance and how would you rate it yourself? 
You are looking for the candidates levels of self awareness and ability to assess their performance from a neutral position. Alarm bells should sound if the candidate starts to bad mouth their past manager. 

• What frustrates you about working with people on a daily basis? 
This is one where you are looking for a short answer. It can be amazing though how a question framed in the negative can open up a can of worms for some candidates. 

• Tell me about a time at work that brought you a great sense of satisfaction? 
A very open question that on the face of it seems very straight-forward. But if we listen closely the candidate is communicating more than they think. Does the situation they describe involve working in collaboration with others or by themselves? Were they initiating a task or seeing something through to completion? Where they helping others to succeed? 

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
A traditional, but still effective question. It indicates whether the candidate is interested in a job or career. Are they ambitious? Are they results-focussed, that is, have they set broader life goals for themselves? We are not looking for specifics, we are looking to see if the candidate has a focus that stretches beyond the short-term. 

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