From Resolutions to Results

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Did you make resolutions this year? Are you keeping them? I’ve never been a fan of resolutions, I prefer the word ‘results’, because just as firms will have results by the end of 2014, you will have results in terms of your finances, health, relationships, career etc. So rather than resolving something, why not give some thought to the ‘results’ you would like to achieve during 2014? 

People often say how difficult it is for them to think about the things they would like to do, have, achieve or experience in their lives. Some are just not used to thinking proactively, but with a little practice they see how liberating and confidence enhancing goal-setting can be. Others have resigned themselves to the fact that they will go with whatever life throws at them, responding to life’s events, rather than shaping them. 

Listed below are six ways that will help you become more results focused in 2014. I’ve included some powerful questions that I ask my personal coaching clients, so if you are serious about shaping new results for yourself in 2014, a pen and paper might be a good idea. 

1. ‘Genie’ Goals 
Goals are dreams with deadlines. Imagine you had your own genie (your wish is my command,) what would you wish for? What would you like to have just drop into your lap? Don’t limit your potential by focusing on how you will achieve these goals. From my experience when the ‘what’ (you want to achieve) is strong enough, coupled with the reasons why it is important to you, then the ‘how’ will sort itself out. (By the way, if you are thinking ‘winning the lotto,’ ask yourself what would this allow you to do?) 

2. The Next Level 
These goals build on what is already in your life. Take each area in turn, I’ve suggested 8: 
• Career 
• Finances 
• Family 
• Personal Relationship 
• Health 
• Fitness 
• Learning 
• Fun and Hobbies 

What would have to happen for you to take each area of your life to the next level? 

3. The Repeat Goals 
Some people set the same goals or resolutions every year. When you list each of these old chestnuts, complete these sentences: 
• It is going to be different this year because… 
• This year I will achieve this goal because…… 
• To achieve this goal I’m committed to …. 

4. New You Goals 
We often censor ourselves when we undertake a goal setting exercise. The voice in our heads says ‘who are you to want that?’ Goals are a source of inspiration and motivation and they also ensure you keep growing as a person. In many ways it is not the achievement of the goal that is of utmost importance it is who you become in the process. 

How would you answer these questions? 
• What would you do if you had your self-consciousness removed? 
• What goals would you like to write down, but feel too scared to? 
• If you achieved all the goals you have listed to date, what would your new goals be? 
• What do you daydream about, but maybe never voiced before? 

5. The ‘Begruduger’ Goals 
We all have people in our lives who are supportive and want the best for us. Equally there are others, the ‘dream-bashers’ or ‘emotional vampires’ who suck the motivation and enthusiasm from us. 

By living our best lives we can inspire others to do likewise. 
• If you no longer thought ‘I shouldn't want that…’ what would you want? 
• What would you want if other people’s opinions didn’t matter? 

6. Take your breath away goals 
• What would you like to happen over the next year that would literally take your breath away? 
• What makes you excited even thinking about it and that would take your breath away when you got it or achieved it? 

People often ask me why they should set goals. 

Goal-setting or having a results-focused mindset is fundamental to boosting motivation and confidence levels, improving your time management skills and moving from being reactive to proactive. To put it another way, how will you know if you are on the right track unless you know your destination? 

Most people go through life making their ruts more comfortable. If you are looking for something different this year, then it starts by doing something different. So maybe you want to grab that pen. 

James Sweetman is a Business and Personal Coach, specialising in assisting individuals and firms to be more effective at what they do. He works both on a one-2-one basis with individual clients as well as delivering tailored training workshops on a range of topics including Confidence Building and Presentation Skills. For more information