Monster dog tries to mate with postman

Friday, March 02, 2001
A postman is recovering after a frisky 14 stone dog tried to mate with him.

Phil Rose was pinned to the ground for ten minutes by Bruno, a sex-starved Newfoundland dog.

Bruno's owner, a publican from Fort Augustus, next to Loch Ness, has vowed to get his dog a mate.

Eleven stone Phil was delivering post to the Lock Inn pub, when he was attacked.

"Bruno is a big, big dog who obviously needs a lot of exercise - but not on me, thank you very much," said Phil.

Bruno's owner, James MacLennan, saw the amorous encounter from an upstairs window - but was laughing too much to rescue him.

James said: "He leaped up on Phil and knocked him to the ground.

"Before Phil could get up, Bruno was on top of him, his legs wrapped round him, furiously licking his face - and a good bit more besides.

"My first instinct was to rush out and haul Bruno off, but I could not move for laughing. I was bent double, splitting my sides.

"After nearly ten minutes of trying to wrestle Bruno off him, Phil finally succeeded and sped off in his van."

He added: "I must really try and get Bruno a girlfriend."