Millennials: Changing the face of the workplace

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The millennial generation is fast becoming the driving force in the business world, and many of the changes we are seeing are good news for everyone. Employers and employees alike are set to benefit from the dynamic and exciting ideas coming in, and it seems that the whole way in which business is structured is up for debate.



1. A more equal division of power. Challenging traditional structures of top down management, the millennial generation heralds a more democratic approach in which leadership is shared, and knowledge and decision-making power is spread more equally across the workforce.

2. A new commitment to the organisation. Simply being a cog in the system is not good enough for a millennial. Transparency across the workplace creates a committed and valued workforce who believes in the ethos of their company and will exceed expectations at any opportunity.

3. A fully digitized workplace. We all know that digital technology is the basis of every business in the modern world, but this generation is the first that is entirely at home with it, having grown up with it. New systems to improve business and make operations more efficient will not faze them, and this means that the sky is the limit.

4. A flexible approach. Flexible working hours, working from home and the digital nomad lifestyle are all in high demand by the millennial generation. This is great news for employers, who will save on the high costs of office space and benefit from an increasingly empowered workforce of individuals who value their employer and their flexible role.

5. Better recognition. Gone are the days of remaining in a job for life, but the alternative, which sees head hunting and a determination to be recognised for positive input, is exciting to see. This is an environment in which loyalty towards a business should not be assumed, but when it is managed well, the rewards are high for both parties.


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