Blizzards leave 10,000 without electricity in Northern Ireland

Thursday, March 01, 2001
Up to 10,000 families in Northern Ireland are still without power after gale force winds and snow storms struck the province.

Northern Ireland Electricity engineers worked throughout the night to restore power.

The customers still without electricity are in Bangor, Downpatrick, Newry, and Lisburn in Co Down and Ballyclare in Co Antrim.

The company's director of corporate affairs, Peter Gavin, praised the response of its engineers.

"Northern Ireland can be very proud of the fact that it has a first class repair and restoration service within NIE," he said.

But Stormont's enterprise minister Sir Reg Empey has called for a meeting with management once the latest emergency is over.

"We do have to understand that there is an obligation placed on the company to ensure effective supplies of electricity," he said.

"It is under a statutory obligation and we would have to be satisfied that an appropriate and acceptable response has been made."