• What are your salary expectations

    In the current climate, this is a hugely important question, it is essential not to overprice or under price yourself, you ask for too much and you could ruin your chances, ask for too little and you could end up frustrated that you could have gotten more or judged under qualified because it's too low. The following are some tips to help you secure a higher starting salary.

  • Interviewing A-Z

    For anyone who watches the Apprentice on Monday night it might put the fear of God into you regarding doing well at interview.

  • Most popular competency based Interview Questions and how to answer them

    Fashion touches every aspect of our lives – our latest phone model, hair style, colours we wear, music we buy…. The recruitment sector is no different and is subject to “what’s hot and what’s not”. So what are the latest interview trends and how do you best adapt your style to beat the competition?

  • Top 3 tips for getting promoted

    In an era of cut backs and pay freezes, the only way for many of us to increase our take home pay is through a job promotion. I have outlined below three things you should bear in mind when preparing for your interview, to give you the best possible chance of success.

  • How to win in interview by stepping into an Employers Shoes

    Have you ever left an interview thinking “I could have done much better “or “ I wish I could do that interview again” ?