How to win in interview by stepping into an Employers Shoes

Friday, March 14, 2014

Have you ever left an interview thinking “I could have done much better “or “ I wish I could do that interview again” ? In the current economic climate we cannot control the availability of roles, who is shortlisted or indeed who gets the job, however, we can control how we come across in interview.

When preparing for interview, it's important to learn how to step into an employer’s shoes psychologically and consider what their wants and needs may be when evaluating a potential employee. Interviewing is usually a time consuming and costly process, so if you are called for an interview it is because they genuinely believe that you have potential for the role. So how do you close the deal? If you consider the following four elements both while preparing and in interview you are setting yourself up for success. 

Can you do the job? So, you have sent in your CV, highlighting your skills and achievements, hopefully tailored to the role that you are applying for, but can you talk comfortably and competently about your responsibilities and achievements? 

Do you want the job? Obviously, we all need to generate an income; however, a potential employer needs to feel that you are passionate about the role that you are applying for, even if it is a stop gap role. So always ensure that the employer is aware of how much you want the role. Recent studies have indicated that a main reason why people are not successful in interview is that they don’t ask for the job! 

Will you fit in to the culture of the company? Research the company online, what are their values? What do they value in an employee? 

Finally, can they afford you? This is a difficult question as it is important not to over price or indeed under price yourself. A possible approach to answering questions around salary is again to stress your enthusiasm for the role so for instance, “this is a role that I really want and if you were to make me a fair offer, I would be more than happy to accept” 

So the next time that you are in interview and you are asked a question, consider stepping into the employer’s shoes before answering and set yourself up for success. 

Carmel Morrissey is a Career Coach with Clearview Coaching Group one of Irelands leading career coaching consultancies set up in 2004 to work with people who experience career disappointment and specialises in providing Interview Coaching Services