10 Things you should never say in an interview

Thursday, April 18, 2013

1. I’ve no weaknesses If you are asked the weaknesses question, never answer by saying you have none. Firstly, it is a lie and secondly the interviewer will only see you as arrogant. 

2. I want your job 
Great to show ambition and drive at an interview, but if you are asked ‘where do you see yourself in five years time?’ don’t say ‘I want your job.’ The interviewer won’t be writing on her pad ‘ambitious’ she will be writing ‘cocky.’ 

3. How many holidays will I have? 
During a first interview don’t raise the topic of money or other entitlements, wait until you are offered the job, then it’s time to discuss the contract. 

4. My last manager was a real idiot 
You may be asked why you want to move jobs. You should never answer because my current manager is a nutter, even if it is true. 

5. No cursing 
An obvious one. In everyday conversation our language is more casual. Yes, you want to be relaxed and yourself in an interview, but not that relaxed! Curses include phrases like ‘he pi***d me off!’ and even the word ‘damn,’ let alone the juicy f-words. 

6. Do you mind if I take this call? Switch your phone off! 

7. You see my parents never loved me..... 
An interviewer may ask you to ‘tell me a bit about yourself.’ This is an opportunity to share some of your strengths and interests; it is not a request for a life story. 

8. And another thing..... Interviews are not opportunities to rant and share your frustrations. 
The interviewer determines the direction of the interview; it is not the place for you to push your personal agenda. 

9. Are you busy later? 
Great to ask some questions towards the end of the interview, but this is not one of them. 

10. Sorry, I’m a bit hungover 

End of interview 

James Sweetman is a Business & Personal Coach specialising in assisting businesses and individuals realise their potential. He works both on a one-2-one basis with clients as well as delivering workshops on a range of topics including Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills and Motivation. For more information on all his services visitwww.jamessweetman.com.