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Jennifer and Puff 'still together'

Jennifer Lopez is due to appear on American TV to rubbish claims that she and Puff Daddy have split up.

She was said yesterday to have initiated the separation herself.

Jennifer is due on Live with Regis to say the claims are not true.

It had been thought she had only stayed with Puff Daddy to display a public show of support during his trial on gun possession and bribery charges.

It was also reported that her new boyfriend is a dancer called Chris who appears in the video for her latest single Love Don't Cost A Thing.

Jennifer has given no indication that their relationship is over in an interview in the February issue of Rolling Stone. She hints that if it happened at all it would come from Puffy.

She's quoted as saying: "He's said to me so many times 'I want a divorce.'"

It was his wild lifestyle that would drive them apart rather than anything she did as a self-confessed "homebody".