Passenger recalls screams of terror as train crashed

Thursday, March 01, 2001
One of the survivors of the Selby train crash has been re-living her ordeal.

Janine Edwards said she held onto the table in front of her "for dear life" when the train started going down the embankment. Then she could hear people screaming.

The 22-year-old drama student, from York, was treated at Pontefract General Infirmary for backache.

She said: "I was in Coach D, just sitting there and I started hearing this grinding noise underneath. I hoped it was just the train grinding, then it stopped. I didn't realise we'd already come off the lines and that was the gravel underneath.

"Then we started going down the embankment. If you can imagine, it was like a plane coming in to land and someone putting the pressure on. And then it was like a roller coaster ride and I was holding onto the table for dear life and then it just stopped and all I could hear was people screaming."

Miss Edwards added that her eyes took time to adjust to the dark but she could hear people calling out to each other.

"Then I just heard this awful groaning noise from the table next to me, where a couple had been sitting. The man had been very badly injured. The window had come through and he was covered in blood, the table, his wife, everything was covered in blood. "

She said three people were injured in her carriage, so it was not as horrific as what a lot of other people had gone through. She said the tragedy was only starting to sink in. She said she felt lucky to be alive, especially after seeing the horrific injuries other people had suffered.

"I saw people just lying in this barn, people just lying, covered in blood, just deformed. What I saw was horrible. I couldn't believe it."