Farmer caught herding sheep near foot-and-mouth site

Thursday, March 01, 2001
A farmer has been caught herding sheep in a road close to a farm with a confirmed case of foot-and-mouth disease.

Police in Brecon, south Wales, ordered him back after being called to a farm road in Rhosgoch .

Powys County Council trading standards immediately condemned any farmer ignoring the ban on moving livestock for jeopardising efforts to contain the disease.

Idris Jones, the county's assistant director of trading standards, said: "This is something we treat very seriously. There is a complete ban on any movement of livestock across the country.

"There is an added restriction on any farm within a three-kilometre radius of an area with a confirmed outbreak.

"Farmers have been telephoned and sent letters explaining the details of the further restrictions and if this proves to have been within that area we will take the strongest action we can."

The incident comes just one day after two more cases of foot-and-mouth were confirmed in Wales at nearby Painscastle and Felindre, near Newtown.

Mr Jones added: "We do need to know how far along the road this person was going with his sheep and where he had come from.

"Some holdings straddle country roads and lanes and we are already seeking clarification on whether it is allowed to move animals across these areas."