Communicate Connect and Convince

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


There are three key areas an interviewer is assessing during interview – Can you do the job? Do you want the job? And, finally, are you a fit for the team/organisation?

Below, I’ve examined each of these areas in more detail. Focus on addressing these three areas and you’ll improve your job interview results.

Communicate your interest to the interviewer

Conveying your energy during an interview is critical. An interviewer won’t hire you if they’re not convinced you want their job. Remember, 93% of communication is non-verbal. This means an interviewer is reading your body language and tone throughout the interview. Telling the interviewer you want the job isn’t enough, especially if body language and tone don’t back this up. Also, don’t forget the hidden questions, as interviewers use these questions to assess your interest. You must successfully navigate the following questions - (1) What do you know about our company (2) Do you have any questions? (3) Why do you want this job?

Connect with the interviewer

Interviewers assess your organisation/team fit at interview. You must inject personality during interview, and try to connect with the interviewer. Most job seekers fail to do this. They go into interview mode, concentrate on delivering strong answers, while failing to build rapport with the interviewer. Remember, people hire people. Try to find common ground, and don’t forget to smile! Failure to build rapport will have a negative impact on your overall job interview results.

Convince the interviewer

Finally, we can’t forget about selling ourselves!! Landing a job interview means you’ve got the core ingredients on paper. This is only half the battle! Now, at the interview, you must sell your relevant skills, qualifications and experience. It’s important to understand the job requirements, helping you focus during interview. It’s essential to back everything up with evidence, results and achievements. This will create impact, helping YOU stand out from the competition.

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