Funny Interview moments

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Humour and interviews don’t often go hand in hand. But in the spirit of the Christmas season, we would like to share some amusing interview moments with you to help you end your year on a happy note……………

Unusual Interview Questions
• What county in Ireland would you remove and why? 
• Do you like men or women? 
• Tell me a lie…………. 
• Are you in this country for the men? 
• How crazy were you when you were younger? 
• If you were the Finance Minister what would you put in the budget? 
• Are you suspicious of people? 
• Can you swim? 
• Why do people climb mountains? 
• How many cows are in North America? 
• What keeps you awake at night? 
• What do you want inscribed on your grave stone? 
• Do you have a problem being surrounded by women all day? 
• Why did you get separated from your ex-husband?…………….. 

Funny stories from the job seeker 
• “Being interviewed by a HR Manger I’d babysat many years ago……I even changed her nappies!” 
• “I had an interview which took place two days after Kilkenny winning the All Ireland Final. The interviewer seeing that I went to school in Kilkenny asked me if I was still drunk after the weekend! As I'm not from Kilkenny, I had no idea what he was referring to and thought I'd made a terrible first impression!” 
• “In the late 1980's I arrived at an interview in a restaurant in London to meet the Board of Directors of the prospective employer. All six had arrived early, had started lunch and were well down the wine list by the time I got there at the appointed time, none were really compus mentus - I did not take the job offer!” 
• “Wondering why my interviewer had such a shiny hand………… turned out it was prosthetic!!” 

Interview Room blunders 
• A creditor bursting into the interview demanding payment from me. I obviously didn’t want to work for the company after this! 
• I came out of interview and realised I had dog poo on my shoe! As I’d a cold I’d smelt nothing. I was mortified when I saw the stained floor and stairs on my way out. I felt like a right idiot but had a great laugh afterwards. 

This information is gathered form a recent survey conducted with over 1,000 job seekers and Human Resource Managers in the Greater Dublin Region.