Another Hillary brother involved in 'Pardongate'

Thursday, March 01, 2001
Another of Hillary Clinton's brothers has been caught up in the controversy over presidential pardons.

A newspaper says Tony Rodham canvassed Bill Clinton for pardons for a couple of fraudsters, Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory.

Mr Rodham said he did not receive money for the March 2000 pardons.

"I told the president about Ed Gregory and that he had applied for a pardon," Mr Rodham said.

Clinton spokeswoman Julia Payne acknowledged Mr Rodham had advocated the Gregorys' pardons and two others that were not granted.

"Many people approach the president about pardons," she said. "In his decision to grant pardons or not, the president decides on the merits of the case."

The Gregorys, who own carnival company United Shows of America, were convicted of bank fraud in 1982 and placed on probation.

They were major donors to Republicans and Democrats and contributed to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign, the Times said.

The Times said their pardons were opposed by the Justice Department.

Last month, Mrs Clinton's other brother, Hugh Rodham, stirred controversy when it was revealed he had received £275,000 for helping gain a prison commutation for a man convicted on drug charges and a pardon for a fraudster. He has agreed to return the money.