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Thursday, April 18, 2013

There are many important ingredients required for successful job hunting. One key ingredient is the ability to understand and effectively communicate your product. Job seekers must work to enhance their ability to sell themselves effectively. Inability to master this will result in missed job opportunities and rejection 

Most job seekers fall short when it comes to selling themselves effectively during job search. I review CVs lacking any real impact, uninspiring Linkedin Profiles and hear poor sales pitches during interview. Simple preparation can improve performance and deliver more desirable results. 

Spend time getting to know yourself better 
You must become more familiar with your product. Most people think they know themselves, but from experience this is clearly not the case. A simple exercise can help. Take a blank page and brainstorm your life, your work, your education and other activities. Review these areas in terms of what you delivered, how you added value, what you changed, what you improved, key projects you worked on, or awards received. Seek out assistance from friends, family and work colleagues. You will be surprised at the hidden gems you have forgotten. 

This “getting to know yourself” exercise has the added benefit of boosting self-confidence. Acknowledging previous achievements boosts self-confidence. Developing a better understanding of your product boosts self-confidence. Everyone can benefit from increased confidence, especially people job hunting in a tough job market. Confidence helps push us out of our comfort zones and helps pick us up after knockbacks. 

Communicating to prospective employers 
Take time to review company requirements. Job requirements dictate what you write on your CV and what you say at interview. Analyse the job requirements and sift out your skills, experience and achievements. You will have highlighted these already during the previous exercise. 

Get into the habit of backing everything up. This applies when writing a CV or at interview. You need to show evidence that you “walk the walk”. Populate your CV and LinkedIn profile with achievements that excite the reader. Deliver evidence and examples at interview. Don’t wait to be asked for examples!! 

Make sure you practice. This is especially true when interviewing. Get comfortable with your message. Get comfortable talking about your successes. It amazes me how many people struggle to talk about their successes. 

Make an impact. Deliver your message with energy and passion. Employers weight personality and positive attitude as highly as education and experience. 

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